Friday, February 10, 2012

My new favorite social media

Ya man. The best social media in the land. It has become my new favorite. PS you can follow my tweets HERE!

Reasons why it is awesome:

  • You can creep on your favorite celebrities and it is not from a gossip mag, it is legit because it is actually them. You can actually (almost!) get to know them. It's (almost!) like you're friends! (I have been replied to by atleast THREE B-level actors. Booyah motha fucka. I'd be lying if I didn't go *SQWEEE!* when it happened.) They post real-time personal pictures of what they're doing and everything. It is the ultimate, up-to-date creep.

  • You can unfollow annoying people really easily. If they follow you, your tweets will still appear on their newsfeed so they can't really tell that you deleted them unless they really search through their list for you. It's (almost!) guilt-free!

  • It's convenient because I can read it anytime from my IPOD TOUCH (or iPhone if that's your thang). Great to keep me entertained in class when I'm supposed to be paying attention.

  • You get to post senseless meaningless things that you never did before! It's like everything you ever wanted to put in your facebook status but didn't because you would have to hang your head in Charlie Brown-esk shame. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Pretty much sums it up. Follow me bitches. Get it. Now.

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