Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

Things are good. The sun is finally shinning in my little town of PH.

Just got back from a long weekend of kayaking, ocean, sun, delicious food and good company. I made a new enemy, his name is Mr. Sunburn. He traveled back to Cape Breton with me. But I’ve since lost him. Mr. Tan tells me he is his replacement. I like him much better.

It’s time. The teams take the field in their red and yellow shirts. BUCS we are called. 

I step tentatively from the car and across the gravel. I spot him. He’s close to me. He’s ready to play. He looks over as I pass and we exchange smiles and small waves of acknowledgement. He turns back, focusing. His shirt is tucked into his pants. He looks just perfect.

It’s a game. It’s all a game. The funnest game there is.

From our seats he is small. Outfield. Left. The game plays and his turn at bat comes around. He is nervous. I can tell. He is no more than 20 ft from us but he does not turn. He swings hard through air to loosen his muscles. He goes.

He hits. I cheer loud. He’s at first.

The batter is running, Scott moves to second but is out. He walks back to his bench. Of his four supporters he looks at me alone. I wink. He smiles. It’s there. 

And today, it’s there just for me. 

I think my favorite thing was, when I told him I wanted to see him play, he told me that his mom had already asked him whether I had been out to watch.:) Thanks Deb.

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Robyn M. said...

I could read this out loud and make it sound super dirty :)

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