Thursday, July 21, 2011

For the love of all that’s holy

10 things I love this summer


Driving with the windows down

Pretty nail polish


Braided hair designs

Listening to classic rock

Watching sporting events outside or even just playing catch

Board games...namely, Settlers of Catan


Meeting new friends. And learning to appreciate the ones I already have that much more.

On a mission to find some old man Harley Davidson tank tops. Need. NOW. Frenchies...I am coming for you.


Jamie said...

Settlers of Catan is hands down the best board game of all time (as long as you are playing with people who know what they're doing). =]

Fawn and Flower said...

You left out the $4,000 pair of 21" high open-toed platform boots and the $200 "fringe necklace" made out of your old t-shirt and part of a bike chain you found under your car!

Claire said...

Sadly enough, I don't think I've eaten a single popsicle this summer. Or gotten a tattoo (YET!!!). But the rest I can pretty much agree with. I can't believe it's already August, summer's going by so fast!

amyschmamey said...

I hate the summer, but I do like Popsicles, braids, and tats. :)

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