Friday, July 15, 2011

i got a fire burning

Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam!

Tyler is BAAAACK. Old shell has been thrown out the window. I am back to showing off my shoulders (NO MORE ARM COVERING SWEATERS!) rockin the black tank top that I love. I am back to singing out loud as I walk down the hall. I am back to romping around the house in my underwear (TWO can play at that game roommates! En garde!) I am back to taking a redonk amount of photos and posting them on fb cuz they are hilarious and memories need to be captured. I am back to loving my hair in braids. BRAIDS ARE UNDERRATED.

I am once again EMBRACING THE PLAIDGURU WITHIN! I cannot stop listening and watching this might make me wear plaid every day for the freakin rest of my life.


Currently on the tyler to do list:

RESIST the urge to eat at McDonalds. Neither your ass or your wallet can afford it.
Listen to more music. It truly soothes the soul.
Call my friends on the phone more often. I couldn't have been in a worse mood yesterday. A few quick calls and my head was clear and my face was once more shinning. Screw texting I am donzo.
Capture moments: any and all! Life is too short!
Be bold and go swimming! Rock the new bathing suit and embrace/love yourself! Confidence is catching!
Just remember to smile more and try not to worry. Shit things happen. It's how it goes. But wonderful things are constantly happening too. There's always a silver lining.
Raise funds and go camping in PEI. This needs to happen.
Somehow acquire this ring. Even though I am a size 10. RING ME!

In response to a comment from a previous post, what I am wearing on my eyes in this picture:

I am wearing a cumulative mix of every black make up I own I think haha. NOTHING WAS DARK ENOUGH. I have been watching the TV series Sons of Anarchy and it makes me want to wear extremely dark eye make up, wife beaters and strut around being super tough.

First off I have a little black eye liner in my eyebrows. I think I would like to dye them darker. LOVE a strong eyebrow. The liner I have is cheap but good, Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in Noir. I also used this liner on the bottom of my eyes, under the lashes and over, making sure my eyelash roots were covered.

On top I used a MAC Paint Pot in Blackground for the base. Then lined the upper lashes using a black MAC Greasepaint Stick. I then did a final top lash line along the eyelashes in Revlon Liquid Colorstay Eyeliner blackest black. To get the shading above my eye I used a large angle brush and Lancome color focus 4 pallette in Black Tie Affair, varying between the two darkest powder shades. The inside corner of my eye and under the brown line was done with the white powder in my large Sephora pallette to add some highlighting and light.

Finally I covered both top and bottom lashes in Covergirl Lashblast Fusion mascara in black. (THIS and regular Lashblast, FAVORITE mascara I've ever used AND affordable. That is bank. Don't recommend the waterproof though.)

Of all of these things I would recommend them all except for the MAC Greasepaint stick. I rarely use it and it must be paired with something else. Both liners and the mascara I used daily and the Lancome powder I have been coveting for atleast 3 years now and prey it never runs out.

What are some of your favorite makeup staples??


Robyn M. said...

WHOOP WHOOP!! I hope your shoulders are properly healed.. WEAR SUNSCREEN THIS WEEKEND FOR GODS SAKE!! I may text you that last part, because I'm not when you will see this :) (And because I am turning into someones mom..:S)

amyschmamey said...

You do your eyes up very pretty. I suck at doing make up. Not too bad to where I look like a clown, but ya know. I wouldn't offer to do someone's make up because I wouldn't impress. ya know? ha.

a. said...

Woo, I love the fabulousness you are planning for yourself!
I must wear mascara! Its like I cant go without, lol

tyler_faye said...

Robyn: haha I WORE PROTECTION! a lot less sun exposure tho. I have decided I need to start tanning.

Amy: Thank you so much! I should do it more often. I have been such a lazyface here in PH cuz there is no where to go out.


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