Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I did (and didn’t do) in the Valley

Well my tots and totettes, I just got back from a long weekend of camping adventure in the middle of cow county. Friday morning myself and my roommate Scott set off on a mission to fly planes and then not die of boredom while waiting to fly more planes. Scott is working on getting his “Ultralight” aviation license. (It’s beyond me why, you all know how I feel about airplanes…) He takes his lessons in a small, secluded farmtown area right off the ocean about 5 hours from Port Hawkesbury. He invited me along to keep him company on his trip.

Friday afternoon, about an hour from our campsite we stopped at the Superstore to get some dinner and low and behold HARRY POTTER was playing in the movie theatre next door. In all glorious spur-of-the-moment style we went and saw the final HP then and there. I tell you, I cried like a baby. I was literally holding it in so I wouldn’t gasp out super loud (cuz that would have been embarrassing). There were only about 20 ppl in the theatre. It was actual magic.

We found our campground, which was beautiful and perched at the very top of a mountain. Canadian Tire Broadstone pop up tents are worth their weight in gold. Our site was set up in less than 5 min. Hand to God. We built a fire, cracked some drinks, walked around, blah blah blah…

I must have woken up seven hundred times! No exaggeration! I was freezing and had to pee (Stupid Smirnoff Ice. Stupid bladder.) but was too chicken to go cuz all I could hear were freaky animal noises!

Shots of Scott flying (taken previously, haven't got mine on my computer just yet)

The next day after Scotts morning flight, we decided to go on a hunt for this beautiful waterfall. We must have driven down about 6 dirt roads until we finally found the spot (or so we thought). We hiked down to the coast. The beach was all tiny rocks, bastards! My flip flops did not do well. There were caves down beach so we went to explore. We never actually ended up going in the water because we are big babies and it was cold and there were fish. Millions of them! We scaled some cliffs though which was awesome and trekked through a lot of woods making our own path which was also fun. When we finally made it back to the car we were a mess. Muddy and dirty, cut and bleeding. But all smiles.

We drove around, hung off the end of docks, climbed to the top of a lighthouse, drove around more, I might have napped at one point. Scott flew again at night. I visited one of my most favorite friends at her beautiful house nearby. Her family made me a delicious dinner! Which my body was extremely thankful for after solely consuming hotdogs for 2 days. There was heat lightening in the sky as me and Scott drove back to our campsite and all hell broke loose in the form of pouring rain just as we arrived. We did what any sensible people would do: Ran top speed for the cooler, got drinks, took refuge in the car and drove to the mountain lookout to watch the lightening.

Sunday morning came bright and early. Why Scott didn’t feel the need to wake me up until 5 min before he had to leave is beyond me! I actually slept like a baby. The previous night had taught me to actually sleep inside my sleeping bag like a cocoon. I also had pillows at this point (I forgot them the first night, thnx Rob <3).

Instead of just dropping him off I stayed around and watched him do some take offs and landings. The instructors wife then put me to work with her (she owns 17 horses and teaches lessons) tending to a horse and running him outside a bit. It was so nice! Very nice people! I love love love horses and had been talking Scotts ear off about how I wanted to see them all weekend. They invited us out for lunch so we packed up our site and met them at a local take out. Really delicious food. We all ate deep friend haddock bits, clams, scallops, fries and onion rings. Yumm. Then since it was National Ice Cream Day, me and Scott stopped for some melty ice cream to completely fill our bellies!

It was a great weekend. I definitely want to visit the Valley again and soon! It was a beautiful place. Very farmy. Very open. Lots of old things to see and explore. ROBYN. I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Things I have learned about my roommate on this trip:

He cannot handle listening to anyone elses music but his own. This was funny and cute for a bit. By the time we were about an hour away from home I wanted to rip his hands off. DON’T EVER TOUCH SOMEONE ELSES IPOD WHEN THEY ARE DRIVING AND IT IS THEIR CAR. DEAAAAATH WILL COME SWIFTLY.

He eats a lot of food. Where does it go? Why is he in such good shape?! BOYS = EVIL.

He is a clean freak. He washed his hair under the water tap at least 3 times. I washed my hair zero times.

He doesn’t like chocolate therefore he is a freak of nature.

He talks about girls in a derogatory manner way too often. Like, all the time. Again, funny in small doses. After 3 days of it, just annoying combined with a little bit of loss of respect.

We came back home and instead of going to bed like normal people we decided to play board games. And I WON MY VERY FIRST SETTLERS GAME! And then we played again. And then I WON AGAIN, MUAHAHAHAHA. The boys were both super cranky after that and definitely ready for bed. They are my little toddlers.


Anonymous said...

real boys don't like chocolate. that means that there is more for girls :)

Tmo said...

Glad you had a good time! You seem to be having an epic summer!

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