Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet mother of mary!

Finally caught up with all my blog readings….YAY for bossman leaving at noon hour to allow for some much needed slacker time in front of my computer!

I have been dying to do a post with some of the pictures I’ve taken and also throw in a playlist or two of my recent song favorites. Work has made this almost impossible due to my non-administrative access and no Adobe Flash Player!

It has continued to be sunny here in PH. Sun just makes things better. It just makes you smile. And makes you warm. And content.

The roommates have vacated the area for the time being (YES!) so I will be enjoying some extreme alone time tonight. Let me tell ya, BIG PLANS.

  • Picking up prezzie for someone special. (PS it unfortunately won’t be booze since I still don’t have an ID!)
  • Creating playlist for blog and posting some pictures (hopefully of my room here and the beach and such!)
  • Making little tuna snacks my grammie used to make us. *Need recipe from mom
  • Eating a box of popsicles
  • Showering and doing hair. Possibly playing with makeup.
  • Watching Sucker Punch and Season of the Witch
  • Lounging in PJ’s!
Sounds like a glorious evening. Muchly needed.

Tomorrow I am getting the oil changed in my car and then heading to Pictou,NS in the afternoon for LOBSTERFEST. Crossing fingers it doesn’t open up and rain all weekend. I would also like to hit the beach on Sunday.


My own pictures stolen from twitter. PS: FOLLOW ME on twitter:!/tyler_fraser

Me playing with makeup last week. Notice how dark my eyebrows are!?

Delicious lobster being prepared by myself and my dad, birthday weekend.

That's all for now I guess!

1 comment:

Fawn and Flower said...

Pretty lady. What are you wearing on your eyes?

I am DESPERATE for lobster now. What a good idea. My first husband's (holy shit that makes me sound old??) dad used to make lobster quiche for Christmas and it was amazing!

Be sure to share your tuna snack recipe :)

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