Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top of the World (feat. Dev)

What a wonderful support system I have. I really do. I am very thankful. Any troubles seem a little lighter even just thinking about it.

“Maybe we should take a day and fall apart together. But, just one day. <3.” – TF

This weekend is going to be fantastic. I am leaving Friday morning which means I get to escape my 10hr 6 days a week work schedule 2 days early (BOOYAH). I will be bringing home fresh lobsters picked from the trap and cooked Thursday night for my family and as a bit of a late Father’s Day present. Cape Breton lobster is one of my new favorite foods. It is damn good. (Sry, you little ugly bastards!) Saturday night I am having a shared Birthday party with my friend and sorority sister Michelle and all our friends are coming up for it! Should be a blast. I get to see my best friends again. It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the same place at the same time and who knows how many times it will happen again as we continue to grow in our separate lives. Cherish the moment!

Sunday we are scheduled to go on a tube run down the nashwaak river where I plan on getting obscenely sun burned and in all likelihood plastered. Also will be my first time wearing my bathing suit outside this summer (summer doesn’t really exist in PH) and I am praying for sun sun sun.

The weekend was really wonderful. Friday night was a sort of a bust. Jordan me and Scott were playing board games, but then Jordan had to leave early and poo game night over. Saturday was better I invited all the girls over I have met in PH: Stacey, Amber and Amanda, and the four of us sat in my room drinking and talking and then forced Scott to drive us places. He was a good sport :) And still so very handsome. We had a good time driving around the girls in the back, he and myself up front. He’s also started teaching me to play video games. MLB 2006. He lets me ‘bat’ only. So far I have successfully hit 1 ball. I did good though, so he says. We made a delicious breakfast Sunday morning and laid around on the couch watching the movie Goodfellows in the afternoon. Then he had to work the night shift Sunday and he worked it last night as well which means I haven’t seen him for a bit. Sunday evening I was invited to see ‘Super 8’ with Amanda and her roommate Beth. It was pretty good. We ate Wendys and junkfood and shopped at Winners. I got this amazing footstool that matches my bedspread/room perfectly, some soap and a bookbag. Also the poor Winner’s cashier didn’t ring in my $30 bookbag, and I didn’t notice until we were 1hr30min away back in PH. Oh well, bonus!

Last night I got my arse kicked once again at the gym. Kevin has started making us do sprints and he says I’m pretty fast, which has to be one of the most hilarious things I’ve Ever heard. Tonight I have volleyball but it is also Scott’s first competitive baseball game (he tried out for the team a few weeks ago) and I would like to go cheer him on. (Also, seriously, my ass muscles hurt from yesterday. I don’t know how helpful I’d be on the court.) Jordan might come. Him and his gf just broke up Sunday night. Add that to the list of complications in my life.

I will keep you posted. Much love.

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