Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A weekend and blur

More bonding with the roommate: Myself and Scott are continuously getting closer. And I don’t know if I like what I’m finding or not. Thursday night I came home to find Jordan and Scott doing their thang. We ended up in the kitchen, me sprawled out on the counter, having a deep conversation about our lives/jobs/educations/expectation. At midnight Jordon left and we relocated to the living room. We stayed up talking til 2am. Lots of topics: crazy life events, hook ups, drinking stories, fighting stories (mostly Scott telling me). I don’t know if I enjoyed the conversation because we were sharing and bonding or if I didn’t because of some of the gross sex stories he was telling me.

However I would like to add that Scott has stopped wearing a shirt around me. And I am not complaining. He is one fit paramedic.

I had my first beach adventure on Saturday with a girl named Amanda. She is pretty cool! Very, very different from my friends in Fredericton. She is extremely rough and not girly in the slightest. But it’s fun cuz she’ll be like “Let’s make a bonfire!” Her presence unfortunately does lead to an increased intake of the Mexican green. Not really my thing, but very much hers and her circle of friends. Meh, beggars can’t be choosers. I am actually really thankful that I have any friends here. I couldn’t imagine being alone.
I did some online shopping recently. Friggin Forever 21 Canada. You rock. Hope my order makes it here sometime relatively soon (Canada Post went on strike two days after I sent in my order!) I am getting these gems, to name a few…

Floral Stripes Strapless Dress

Marble Floral Dress

Mix Print Button Front Dress

Also this is probably the radest etsy shop I’ve ever seen. Completely my style. I want almost everything.

Summer list update:
10. Put my feet in the ocean
24. Run barefoot through the grass
37. Walk barefoot on the beach

Scott did me a big props and got me in touch with a local co-ed volleyball league. I am going to play tonight and am quite excited! Other than that nothing very exciting goes on. I am getting my hair done Friday morning…that is exciting to me here :)

Happppy Tuesdaaaay erybody (I swear I meant to post this last night!)


amyschmamey said...

cute dresses!!! Lovely.

I love volleyball, but I suck at it.

Tmo said...

Uber pretty dresses Ty!

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