Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I can be a freak every day of every week

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have re-arrived. And I’m booty shakin’ all the way.

EDMONTON was killer! I meant to keep yas updated throughout my 10 day stint, but it seemed every time I got a second my fingers were too pooped to pop. Literally, I was either awake or passing out. So allow me a quick recap:

Made friends with a guy named Mike. He gave me fried chicken.
Saw Eclipse! And peed a little. Well, I did.
 Kicked the West Ed Mall’s butt, multiple times.
 Ran through dangerous and ridiculously windy thunderstorms.
Caught many a bus.
Went fishing at my Britt’s work.
Stalked Followed the ultimate hottie through campus.
Met a few of B’s friends AND LOVED THEM.
 Saw Britt’s new place and talked scuba dive-biking with her soon-to-be room mate.
 Wore out my sneakers. *GET A CAR
Watched a sea lion show.
Danced our asses off in Funkytown.
Chickened out BIG TIME on riding a roller coaster. (that was just me)
Went to the zoo.
 Rolled down a hill in front of people…a few times.
 Spent the day at an outdoor pool.
Got a wicked sunburn. *which is now a tan, SCORE.
Ate ice creams bigger than our faces.
Gave Brittany Fraser a hangover from my Black Magic punch.
Bought me a derish birthday cake.
 Ate some yummy cheap Italian food and enjoyed (mostly me) a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris.
 Drank, ate pizza, played pool, DJ’d and had birthday celebrations with some fantastic people at Britt’s second home: the Garneau Pub.
 Drove 4 hours to Banff.
 Shopped for essentials: Banff shot glasses, Banff drink koozies, Banff booze.
Rubbed up together in a hot tub. (Brittany, you naughty thing.)
Took off pants in Banff and ran around with them on my head.
Made friends with the hotel toilet.
Saw the rocky mountains.
Saw the flat fields of the prairies.
Came face to face with a REAL DINOSAUR! Or two. Or three.
Wore a sparkly Canadian flag sticker on my chest.
Played in a fountain.
Enjoyed all the shops of Old Strathcona.
Played Dodge the Funny Drunks/Homeless people while walking home from the bar.
Witnessed the best fire work show the world has ever known.

Great, great time. Thanks B, for letting me sleep on your futon and always taking my shit <3 love love love.

When I got home I was surprised to have TWO pieces of mail waiting for me: thanks Hutchers for the lovely card! and my June Happy Mail buddy Jane Cullen for the AMAZING PACKAGE! (HELLLLLO WOLF PACK BOOKMARK. LOOOOOVE!) And now, back to work. In comparison to vaca, c’est bleak. Dull. Boring. Yesterday, I was complete Zombie-Tyler. Fortunately, I seem to work well when I’m the walking dead. Only a few times did I actually fall asleep, sitting up in my chair pen in hand I might add. (Somebody get me a pair of those glasses with open eyes…I think could pull it off)

Last night I finished getting organized and unpacking, trying to get back into the swing of things asap. TANIGHT I am going for my second helping of Eclipse with Whit. I am oober excited to see it again. I’m probably gonna hit this one up atleast 2 more times in theatres. Tomorrow I’m adventuring with Sir Evan…shenanigans pretty much guaranteed (and his birfday is in two days! Celebrate good times, come on.) I leave you with a plethora of exquisite driving/dancing/shakewhatyourmammagaveyou music aka the B&T Edmonton Soundtrack - Volume 1.

xo Tyler


Furrycrazer said...

So, so jealous. Next time, I get to come! :)

Amy Renee Martin said...

OH MY GOSH! Looks like fun times! :) Glad you peed a little with Eclipse, That's usually good. I think...

brit. said...

bahaha that really WAS our accidental playlist for this trip! miss you!

Amyschmamey said...

Ha ha ha... caught. I didn't even check out your playlist! SO FUNNY. ha ha ha. I didn't say I hated those songs, I said they drive me crazy cause they get stuck in my head... Airplanes I didn't mention but it gets pretty much buried in my head as well. ha. :)

Plaid Guru said...

Furrycrazer: we missed you so much!

brit.:miss you too sis!

amyschmamey: haha sometimes it's ok to hate. it was a bizarre sister thing happening and that type of song was necessary to our dance grooveyness :P

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