Tuesday, July 13, 2010

time on earth is changing

Summer's begun. Its +30 degrees and humid every day; it’s too hot for me and it’s grossing me out. Since I've been back from Edmonton, I've been feeling tired and crappy. I’ve begun swimming with my mother everyday. I really love swimming. It feels good to be moving my forgotten muscles. And it’s nice to spend time with my mom, but oh my god does she never shut up. Literally any conversation we have she’ll interrupt and turn it into an annoying pep talk: fat is the devil, and I should constantly be moving in the water because it burns calories and floating doesn’t burn calories, Tyler you shouldn’t be eating anything other than salad and chicken because everything else is just calories and that goes for dressing too, Tyler I don’t want you to drink anymore, Tyler I’m going to guilt you into staying here for 3 hours so you can lose weight, you’ll lose some of that flab if you come here everyday, see that girl Tyler, if you do this everyday you can have a figure like her, etc etc.

It’d be worth it to lose a few pounds just to get her off my back. Thing is she’ll never stop. Even if I lost 100 lbs she would say “now if you could just lose that chub off your tummy…”

Work has become this bleak place. It used to holster something magical, unreachable, a fleeting beauty. And now it’s finally dissipated. Let’s Doctor Who metaphor this:
I’m Rose Tyler and I had a perfectly happy life before the Doctor came along. Then he swept me away into his world of adventure, time travel and infinite possibility and life became that much brighter because he was in it. Well, he’s just dropped me off back at home in London, returning me to my old, now dull-in-comparison life.
I’m really ready to move on from that place, get back into school and trudge forward into whatever’s next.

Short guy update: Gary’s msging has over the past 2 months become more and more frustrating. He used to be cute and endearing when he’d tick me off, now he just makes me feel bad. Therefore I’ve jumped off the train. Deleted (or at least name changed to Being A Loserface) from my phone. I’m not expecting anything more from him in the near future. Maybe I should have put more effort into seeing him. Or maybe I should just quit it while I’m in such a state of melancholy either way.

Anyone wanna pity party with me? I’ll bring the Ben & Jerry’s, you bring the chick flick and snuggies.

I guess it wouldn’t be right to say nothing about Eclipse, after all Twilight’s never done me wrong. So, YES I saw Eclipse. TWICE. :) And I wouldn’t mind seeing it a few more times (thank you 5.99 movies on Tuesdays, Empire Theatre). Finally, the chemistry between Bella and Edward is believable. I’m Team Jacob and therefore don’t even want them to be together, but I couldn’t help but love them in this movie. Of course, I loved Jake too. In fact I thought he was the best. His acting has improved 10 fold. Favorite scenes (SPOILER ALERT): When Jake gets hurt at the end and is lying on the ground silent screaming; when he screams later in the house when Carlisle is re-breaking his bones. (Pretty sure I was tidal wave crying at this point); when he turns around because Bella asks him to kiss her, the LOOK on his face; and finally the Bella and Edward ending. I was so happy for them I was crying tears of joy and laughing out loud as the credits rolled and Metric played from the speakers. I KNOW I AM A BIG LOSER AND I DON’T CARE. THIS SHIT MAKES ME HAPPY THEREFORE I EMBRACE IT! Lol. That is all. PS I’m totally in love with a fictional character.

Seriously, I have this overwhelming desire to man hunt a guy who looks like Jacob, will protect me like him, is tough and manly and is ruggedly good looking yet caring, sensitive and wants me to be happy. Does this man exist? Cuz I’ll pay money.

In an attempt to cheer myself up I’m posting one of those “List of Summer Goals”. Most people have been writing these up and they seem fairly happy, so what can it hurt?

So with no further adieu and in no particular order…


1. Return for the 16th time to Magic Mountain Water Park in Moncton, NB.
2. Swim in the ocean.
3. Spend a weekend by myself at my camp in Boistown, NB.
4. Invite good people to stay at my camp with me for a weekend.
5. Go tenting somewhere…anywhere!
6. Go on a road trip.
7. Get my swim stroke back.
8. Wear my hair naturally as much as possible. (Unleash the curl!)
9. Get a natural tan.
10. Wear less face make up.
11. Feel beautiful again with no make up.
12. Be a passenger in a motorboat.
13. Try fishing.
14. Go hiking in Fundy.
15. Motorbike the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia with my papa.
16. Eat a lobster, for the first time!
17. Figure out how to get rid of stinky feet and shoes.
18. Read 4 new books (Help me out people! I’m a terrible repeat offender…need some new material)
19. Host a potluck.
20. Slowly grow out the layers in my hair until I have a long, natural blunt cut.
21. Get really dirty at least once.
22. Go for a midnight swim at Kilarny Lake.
23. Surround myself with people I love, are supportive and truly care about me.
24. Bake a quiche.
25. Fall in love with someone worthwhile.

Ciao Amigos. Xo.


Amyschmamey said...

I love to swim too, funny... your mom is "encouraging" in the direct opposite way that mine is. I will talk about losing weight and she will tell me how impossible it is and how I will never be back in my pre pregnancy size. Well. I am 10 lbs away. So there! ha. Mom's...

Glad you loved Eclipse. I have only seen it once. I need to see it again for sure.

Good luck on your list of things to do this summer. Once my hair gets past shoulder length my goal is to wear my hair au natural too... embrace the curls. :)


WhitneyAlaina said...

1)im assuming since im the only person with 2 snuggies you want a pity party with me! DOWN.

2)stinky shoes- you just need a cleaner for their insides. i have one.

3)im always trying to pawn books off onto you. come and got through my book shelf.

4)im down for kilarny

Robyn M. said...

Swimming is AWESOME! And I love you so that matters more than stupid boys! Also you are incredibly beautiful! Don't let anyone make you feel differently! I miss you!!!

Furrycrazer said...

Come and visit me and I'll cheer you up!
Since you love the Twilight series, here's some more books in the vampire genre:
- Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris (the books that started the True Blood series on HBO)
- The House of Night series by PC Cast
Love, love, LOVE


yay for quiches!
and my mom is the exact same... she also wants me to eat yogurt (which I find DISGUSTING) because apparently it helps you lose belly fat. I just bake a cake and eat some of it in front of her. It doesn't make her stop talking about me dieting but I recommend it!

a. said...

I enjoy number 25! I knew you're already in love with me so it will be someone else fabulous!

Invite me to the camp in September when I arrive back from Australia.
I will surround you with love and thoughts because I'm too far away.

You ARE beautiful!

Yummmy, Yummy lobster!

Book: Thea Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffin (I think is the author) or any of her books "Something Borrowed"
"Something Blue"


Plaid Guru said...

Amy: Yes, moms are all interesting in their own little ways :) thank goodness I love her. I will be excited the day your hair gets long! I’ve never seen any picture of you with curly hair! Womp! Mine is curly about every day now. I’ve developed hair laziness, and I loooooove it.

Whit: We still haven’’t snuggie partied yet and I WANT TO DO THAT. You will show me your stinky shoe cleaner. Give me some books, or else I’m walking to the bookshelf and taking hostages. Going to southside walmart to try and find tubes tonight.

Roro: hahaha you love swimming! You’re amazing and I miss you too.
Erica: I can’t wait to visit you at the end of summer!!! These books sound awesome, I also love Trueblood (now). Love you sis.

Nathalie: haha I haven’t made it yet! But I really want it soon. Do you have any good recipes? I will have to bug you… haha I like the cake idea! Yogurt gaaag.

Ash: I am jealous of your Aussie adventure but I will surely invite you when you return. Thanks for the book recommendation!!

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