Monday, July 19, 2010

Epic NON-fail :)

Good Monday morning everyone! El weekendo certainly did the trick in getting me back to Happytylerland. Thank god for those 2 day breaks.

Friday night me and my best lady shared our troubles while downing 2L of Vex Bananatini. 3 gals came in from Bathurst and 1 from SJ to join our lil party and we all headed downtown to the local skanky classy dance club, iRock. I haven’t been there in so long, it was wonderful to just go with the girls and dance our friggin ARSES off. Oh, and getting dragged into the corner by my Latino lover wasn’t too shabby either.


I mean, I did not go into the co-ed bathroom with anyone.

And by Latino lover I mean this really hot guy (through my drunk gogs anyways) who was actually from Europe. I know this because he kindly reminded me every time I referred to him as “my Mexican” or “my Latino lover”. Silly boy, he should have known that would have no impact whatsoever on what I had already decided was his name. And no, I really did not go into the co-ed bathroom with him. He sure made me laugh!
We closed the place, went out to the Diplomat (the only sit down restaurant open 24hrs) and all fell asleep at the table.

Saturday was the ALL GIRL RIVER RUN that I’d been planning for about a month, and 9 of us gals spent 5 hours tubing gracefully down the beautiful Miramichi River.

RIP Ritz Crackers
Nicole slow motion flipping
Being tied to two fantastic ladies
Getting the burn of the century on my thighs
…oh wait

We finished off our perfect day with dinner on the patio of our favorite restaurant Dimitris, where we ate until we could no longer function.

Sunday I was planning on going into work. Except then I looked outside and it was 30 degrees and sunny. So I went to the beach instead, HA! Laying out, swimming, laying out, Frisbee, swimming, laying out, swimming, laying out.

It’s a tough life.

Oh haha, and this morning I had quite a laugh over this:
 hahahaha! and it's still making me laugh.

wishing good days to you all xo Tyler


TJayne said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! What is this co-ed bathroom-ness I do not know of?

WhitneyAlaina said...

they need to emphasize there is a big button to click and pay because, well, have you met some of the people in st john?

RIP by wonderful ritz crackers.

m. said...

I gave you an award HEYOO

Miss Wendy said...

I love the crap out of your blog! Just sayin'.

Plaid Guru said...

TJayne: hahaha the co-ed bathroomness is nonexistent! because it did not happen. <3 you

WhitneyAlaina: thank goodness for Crispers and resealable packages.

M.: thank you darling!

Miss Wendy: why thank you maam! :D I am checking out YOUR blog noooooow

a. said...

You could never be a fail in my eyes and thats why there is an award waiting for you on my blog :)

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