Friday, July 16, 2010


1 - Overslept this morning in SJ, missed 5 hours of regular work time aka $140 bucks.
2 - Had a parking ticket - $20 bucks.
3 - Instead of coming out and meeting me Gary decided to sleep.

4 - Missed an important 9am meeting that I had set up. Lady was not happy.
5 - Was assured by a fellow carpooler Wednesday that Bill would not be coming to work Friday and therefore did not need a drive therefore I made arrangments and stayed overnight in SJ. Had this email when I got here today:
No one showed up at the car pool this morning; I waited until 6:05.
I will be on vacation until July 20th, returning to work on July 21st.
I will be prepared to drive on that day.

Bill Chase 
Been trying to call him all day, no answer. And I feel childish sending him an email that says "Murray told me you weren't going! It's not my fault! Sorry!!!!"
6 - Colin invited me through fb to "Housewarming/Colleen's birthday". He only invited two of us from work on fb. He did not invite his whole contact list, but 169 out of 219. Overall just makes me uneasy to think of them together and have it flashed in my face. EUGH. Also the event is happening now as I type. Began at 1pm this afternoon. I am not there, clearly.
7 - Busy, busy, busy, busy. I am too busy.

Need detox time. Need cleansing. Need organization. Need relaxation. Need vodka.


Robyn M. said...

Awww... I love you!.. plus colin and gary are jerks! especially colin..that is a douchebag move fo sho.

Anonymous said...

yikes. sounds like you might be getting some gray hairs after today.

C said...

Vodka is good, especially with apple soda.

And...gray hairs add authenticity. :)

grrfeisty said...

ouch! that sounds like a day! i feel ya on the busy :/

samboy said...

stress! Hope you've had a nice relax since! x

TJayne said...

Don't walk, RUN to your nearest alcohol store! I'll be there waiting. I miss all my girlie friends.

Plaid Guru said...

Roro: Gary isn’t too, too bad. I would certainly not classify him in the same category as LOSER colin. Haha love.

biscuit: tell me about it. Paying ticket online as we speak. humphhh

C: I will try that, apple soda hmm. Must look this up!

grrfiesty: yupp, slowly but surely checking of the mountainous to-do list

samboy: stress yes. Weekend full of relaxation and release. YES!!!

Tjayne: firstly, where have you been all my life? Secondly, GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE AND BRING SOME WINE COOLERS.

TJayne said...

& I've been in Oromocto - failing at being a good little housewife, lol, I work. :)

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