Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some things #Edmonton style

Okay okay okay - so I have been working for full time 2 weeks now. Wowzers, already? Geez. Anyways this is some of the stuff that has been going on.

The guys on the 7th floor are like the bomb diggity. They have nerf guns. They have a target set up. They have mini basketball nets. They have hockey player bobble heads. They have a giant box full of different granola bars. They have their own soda on a shelf. I have been getting some 'real' work from one of them and they are all super awesome and nice. I sit on the 2nd floor..wohn wooohn.

There is also some guy up on the 7th floor that sounds exactly like Kermit the Frog. Painfully so. I was dying holding my laughter in.

One of my favorite work pass times is text messaging my friends. Thank you for the conversations guys it keeps me from stabbing my eyes out with a sharpened pencil.

So like I said I started doing some 'real' work. We'll see how it goes.

I bought a hot dog from a REAL LIFE HOT DOG VENDOR he was set up across the street from our building. It was $3.75 which I thought was a bit steep until I tried it and it was o-my-fuckin-god delicious thank you mr hot dog man, thank you.

The parking in Edmonton is really weird and expensive..I can park less than two blocks away from the office for free on the street but I have to move my car every two hours. They mark a little X on your tire and if it's in the same place when they come back two hours later...BOOM $50 ticket. It's odd. You just run back to your car every now and then and move it a little so the X is in a different spot. And your done.

Then there is the work parking lot which by the way has no good instructions, but plenty about how the company is not liable for any damage theft etc to your car if you leave it there. So I put 6 bucks into the machine and its one of those change takers like on a laundry machine at the laundry mat. There are two sections one with a loonie and toonie spot and one with 3 loonie spots it is $6 to park there for the day. Logically I assumed I would have to put the $6 in all at once so I pushed in the two sides at the same time and out popped only 1 ticket when there is supposed to be 2. Fack. Shaft. Balls. I went and asked someone and they were like you need two tickets for the whole day, 1 tickets lasts only 1 hour. YOU'LL GET A TICKET! So out I went and got my ticket. Waste of GD money...raawr. Why do I always learn my lessons the hard way?

I would just like to say I am pleasantly surprised about the amount of good looking men that work for Stantec. It might just be the mandatory business work attire but daaaamn there is eye candy in my office. Mamma like.

Oh yeah, they are actually nice too and fairly normal. This is both surprising and pleasant.

FINALLY someone commented on my purple hair - It was just a lady saying that she liked it. It's so funny I have been waiting and waiting for someone to say something to me BUT GUESS WHAT NO ONE CARES THAT MY HAIR IS PURPLE. I love my job.

Last but not least I got a flat tire on my way to play baseball. And I mean a flat tire like pancake flat. My sister was with me and for the LIFE OF ME we could NOT get the bolts off the tire. We stood there for about 20 minutes trying and finally this nice guy comes over and asks us if we need any help. He jumps right out and poof the bolts come right off. Why oh why are women not naturally endowed with the same strength as men. HOW ARE WE EVER SUPPOSED TO CHANGE A TIRE BY OURSELVES SEXISM! Just kidding who cares.

Ok - one more thing. This is the best thing I have ever found on Pinterest and fills me with sadness and pride. It is exactly what I think when I think about Fredericton and all of the wonderful people I left there.


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A girl in the world. said...

Edmonton sounds so fun! Maybe that's because you're putting the fun bits here and living more boring bits, but still. Miss you and glad to hear there's eye candy at work!

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