Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries awesomeness

Really entertaining! Don't know why it has such a low % on Rotten Tomatoes - only 21. Sure glad I didn't listen and went to see it.

First of all the entire concept of the movie interests me - being an electrical engineer and having actually worked in a Nuclear Power Plant for 16 months.

Such an interesting concept - and totally believable storyline. Usually in scary movies I find myself thinking: 'That would never happen' or 'No one would ever react that!'. The character behaviour in this movie and their lines were so realistic and natural. I would have behaved the exact same.

Great character cast. Fun fact - Jonathan Sadowski's character is named Paul. He also played a 'Paul' in one of my favorite movies ever She's the Man. Sliiiightly different characters.

Got into the scary part of the story nice and quickly, no dickin around. Perfect ending. No spoilers! JUST GREAT EVERYTHING! This movie was so good as far as scary movies go, and I have seen a fair few.

Who really cares that the deaths were predictable and most of them were shown in the preview? It's not like it's supposed to be this big mystery. It's supposed to scare the shit out of you. And guess what. It does.

Totally creepy and awesome and I want to see it again. Would definitely recommend. And now I want to go to Chernobyl.

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WhitneyA said...

come back home and see it with me please :)

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