Thursday, June 14, 2012

Edmonton Apt (..til Sept anyways)

So after two weeks of shufflin' I have finally made a lil home in my sister's apartment. Well, our apartment now. I am an apartment renter....whaaaat. No more living with the parents I'm allll growd up.

It's a one bedroom apt ground floor in a nice bldg, old but with character. At the end of August when her lease is up we'll most likely be moving into a bigger two bedroom. We live downtown close to everything it's great. I can walk to work in about 25 minutes and other than being really sweaty when I get there it's great. *Note to self: get in better shape. For now here is a little insight into where I hang my hat - Edmonton style.

Where I park - Lil'Blue!!

Our entrance

My new IKEA duvet cover and pillow set - loove

Our lil kitchen - tons of storage in there though

Britt did not have a microwave because she is crazy so I got us one

View from kitchen into the living room aka my bedroom

The couch actually folds down into my bed - that mat on the floor is where Britt is currently sleeping cuz our momma is in her bedroom, so that won't be there forever

My space - GD dresser from IKEA which took me four days and a trip to the Home Depot to put together

Awesome wall art in our bathroom - my favorite piece in the house

Our bathroom is also itty bitty - like this is taken from the hallway and there is not enough room for me to stand in it and be able to take a decent picture of my surroundings bitty, but it's okay :)

My two (hallway) closets - booyah muh stuf

And finally MEEE sitting and relaxing alone in the apt for the first time - Ahh :)

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were you watching HP when you took that living room picture? haha I love it!

Also, I wanted to comment Yay for eye candy in the previous/more recent than this, post but didn't because I didn't want to figure out the prove you're not a robot thing just for that (I'm lazy, I know)


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