Monday, April 9, 2012

What's in MY purse?!

This is not a joke I swear. Step 1: Dump it out (gently...kinda). Step 2: Organize into...piles? Step 3: Laugh ass off cuz there's a pint of vodka in there.

Let's see what's first...ok

Wallet from Ardene (my faaav store okaai)
Lancome Makeup sac
Benefit Lip gloss
Mac Lipstick
Maybelline Lipgloss
Lancome eyeliner
Covergirl Mascara
Benefit Mascara (Why do I have two mascaras in here you ask? I have no answer.)
Hand Lotion
Nivea Deodorant
Covergirl Eyeshadow

Gas Receipt
Liquor Store Receipt
To do List
AWESOME Ouija Board tin
Half eaten apple (DON'T JUDGE ME)

A Book (and a friggin good book at that!)
4 hair elastics
Car keys
Birth control pills
2 other pill bottles


Smirnoff Vodka, one pint
3 business/apt cards
Jump drive

Now shove off you nosey sods!

1 comment:

Lynne Knowlton said...

You are definitely a Canadian girl. I think our purses MATCH. And everything in them. Ditto.
Hilare !!!
Lynne xx

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