Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tyler's Rap: Driving

I don't understand WHY. WHY are some drivers unable to drive in the center of a lane. All the time I get stuck behind a driver who seems to not be able to handle the road and therefore they follow either the center line or drive really close to the curb. WHY WHY WHY Why do you follow it like a line? ALL I think is that for some reason you cannot see the road even though it is broad daylight and that makes me extremely nervous. Stop doing that. Please go back to drivers ed and relearn the skills.

Second: WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO REPLACE REGULAR HEAD LIGHTS WITH HALOGEN BULBS? Really excellent. I love when a vehicle has the power to not only blind me with its lights at night but also during the day. And it's always fun to be driving along on the highway at night and think "So there's a flying saucer on the road coming towards me..". Wicked.

Also can I just say that if you have these in the back of your car you MUST BE STOPPED. HOW DID THIS BECOME POPULAR.


Maybe this one...

But this is by far the best.


WhitneyA said...

I hate those stick figures SO MUCH

A girl in the world. said...

OMG THANK YOU for that stick figure comment! I HATE THOSE THINGS it makes your car look stupid!

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