Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 Day "Cleanse"...Thing

I just finished my last exam (hypothetically of my undergraduate degree! VERY EXCITING LIKE O-M-G HOLY CRAP BALLS EXCITING) and have been eating kind of horribly for the past few weeks and by kind of I mean eating out every other day BECAUSE I HAD MORE IMPORTANT THINGS ON MY MIND LIKE EDUKATION.

I got some diet inspiration from over here at IROCKSOWHAT, one of my daily reads. So I celebrated the end of my brain bustin with some drinking games and dubstep aaaand today I am beginning a 10 day long "thing" where I am only eating fruits, veggies and protein.

Ya this sounds super simple. And it is really. But after celebrating until 5am McDonald's breakfast is a reeaaaalllly difficult thing to turn down. So far today I have wanted to eat chinese noodles, mcD's, tostitos. Yupp. Not on the designated CAN EAT list. Well fart.

I just dumped a leftover bag of chips off my deck so I wouldn't eat them.

I also want to exercise 2 hours every day in a planned out manner. Because I am a procrastinator to the max and at 12 NOON I will be all OH YEAH I AM GOING TO GO SWIMMING SWEET MOTHA FUCKA ITS GONNA BE GREAT and two hours later I am still watching Gilmore Girls season 2. And blogging. And doing anything else that is lazy and wonderful. I need to clean my house. Can I count cleaning as exercise? I am bad at sticking to things like this. Let's see how it goes.

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