Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things I cannot wait to do in Edmonton

As some of you know at the end of May I will be road tripping from New Brunswick, Canada across the northern USA and then going back up to Edmonton, AB TO LIVE WITH MY SISTER FOR THE SUMMER!!!!! (YAAAY *insert girly squee here)

I have been slowly compiling a mental list of EVERYTHING I want to do when I get there and here it is.

1. Just stand in Urban Outfitters. Just, to be there and breath it in.
2. To go shopping at IKEA. TO SET FOOT IN AN IKEA. It will be like being born again I imagine.
3. I'm going to learn how to shoot a gun/Take archery lessons. I want to do this.
4. I am going to take some basic self defence classes.
5. I am going to dye my hair. And I don't mean like I'm going to dye it darker brown. I mean I am going to dye it, blond highlights through the brown and color on those highlights. Color Color Color. COLOR!
6. I am going to get tattoo(s). I have a list that I want that I have been working on about 2 years. I am 23 years old and tattooless but I have always wanted tattoos. It is time.
7. I am going to get a decent bike that fits me. I hate walking, it is slow. I hate running it is hard. I like being outdoors. Hence, bike. And I will ride it with no fucking helmet on and not worry about getting ticketed.
8. I am never going to say no to an opportunity. I will go see every single fucking band play that my sister wants me to.
9. I will take a trip JUST for my nerd self to some sort of Comic&Entertainment related convention. I have been researching them and there are about 100 different ones. I want to do this while I still give a damn about it. Who knows how long these kick ass feelings will last.
10. I want to use my Ouija board with my sister because I think together we are kind of psychic. I have not used it yet. I think I've subconsciously been saving it. If I can involve my other sister in this it would be perfect because we form a trinity and it is definitely powerful.
11. I want to be happy again. I want to become who I was in first and second year. I don't want to have this feeling that my life isn't quite right nagging at me all the time. I want to be me again. And I think, no I feel this is the right decision for me in life right now and it is going to get me where I need to go. Wherever that is.

I am just, so excited.


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a. said...

Thats awesome! do it! Im pretty sure you can shot a gun somewhere in the West Ed mall, seriously. You should go to Yuks Yuks or some type of comedy show and go to Klondike days festival/carnival. enjoy every minute of it!

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