Friday, June 18, 2010

It’s my party and I’ll drink-my-face-off if I want to!

 Tonight I am hosting an early birthday get together for myself. I turn the double 2 on June 28th, but since I’ll be in Alberta, I wanted to ensure a shin dig on my home soil as well.

There are about a thousand things I want/need to accomplish tonight and over the course of this weekend. Stressed. (But in a good way?)

Baah, haha. Next Thursday I’ll be jet-setting for the west coast and a reunion unlike any this world has ever seen.

This past week, I was last minute (and I mean the afternoon of the day before) invited to a REALLY IMPORTANT meeting, and I had to present the work I had done pertaining to the project. I stayed in SJ overnight at JB's and was proposed to by a handsome Nigerian at olearys. (I accepted, of course.)

Tomorrow I am heading to Moncton for another girlys birthday. Sunday I’ll be going to the camp with my faja to open it up for the summer. The rest of he coming week will pretty much be taken up by work and prepping for Thursday’s departure.

Oh and I wanted to mention I’ve started this little 30 day journal challenge: today is day 5, but Imma slacker so I only have 4 done. Here’s the first…'s supposed to be an introductory page. Baaaha.

Ps Work is insaaaaane. Am I a student? Or am I a student? Cuz I didn't realize I was your #1 employee slash go-to-girl for all things electrical. Ha ha...I am loving it tho.

Good weekends to you all xo


Bailey Morrison said...

ahahahahaha!!! LOVE this. and damnit. i didn't win. boo.

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