Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Double tagged. (that’s what she said)

I was tagged by two awesome bloggers BISCUIT and FINDING EVERYTHING LOVELY to answer some q's:

1. what person/blog or reason gave you the idea that blogging would be fun?
My gorgeous friend m. found here. Last week she fell down the stairs and still managed to come to my birthday party. She rocks my socks.

2. what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? if you don't eat ice cream, what is your favorite dessert?
YUMM. Every time I go to an ice cream shop I get two diff kinds in the same bowl (doesn’t everyone?). I would choose two out of: cotton candy, mint chip fudge, birthday cake, cookie dough and puppy paws.

3. have you ever been chased by a wild animal? where were you and why was it chasing you?
Bahahahaa! Does a hornet count? (all such little bastards)

4. do you think that the government should shut NASA down? if so, why? if not, why?
No way, I freakin love nasa. Pretty much hope to someday live on a space station.

5. what are you favorite pizza toppings? if you don't eat pizza, do you like spaghetti?
PIZZA could be one of the best things on the planet. I like the works: pepperoni, cheese, green peps, onions, mushrooms. I HATE pineapple, olives, Italian sausage, bacon or hamburger meat. Too bad the rest of my family love them.

6. who is your favorite sanrio character?
Duh, hello kitty. (are there others? I can only remember the little frog dude. Oh and I guess hello kittys sister…what’s her name.)

7. do you have any pets? do you feed them table scraps?
TWO FAT CATS whom I love. Yes, yes and yes, if I ever ate at the table. I give them bits of chicken and tuna when im cooking in the kitchen and they both like to lick my dishes clean. (Liam is a freak for yogurt and Cali for some reason really digs toast crumbs..)

8. what is your favorite mixed drink? (alcoholic)
I would have to say homemade punch: fruit punch and lemonade frozen concentrates + some spritz up (cuz who can afford sprite) + some grapefruit soda + a pint of vodka + a pint of triple sec. I promise you, you cannot taste the alcohol and it totally kicks ass. I made it this past weekend and was actually putting more vodka into each glass I took. It was glorious.

If im at a bar, bahama mamma OR long island iced tea. Or vodka lime cuz they’re always cheap…

Finding everything lovely
EIGHT TAGS FOR 8 questions.
1. Do you eat at Taco Bell? If no, why? If yes, what is your favorite thing to order?
LOVE taco bell. There is not one in the city where I live, the closest is about an hour and a half away. BUT when I go there, I go there. (It is also a KFC/taco bell, so they have fries) Combo #3 I believe, 2 hard supreme tacos with supreme fries. Mild Salsa and a ½ lb beef burrito on the side. IT’S THE ULTIMATE MEAL.

2. Are you going to the Eclipse midnight showing in your city/town? if yes, do you have an entourage? if no, what do you think about the people who ARE going? BEEEEE HONEST ;). ha ha ha.
I will be vacationing in Edmonton, Alberta at the time visiting my sister who lives there, and I’ve already got her to buy the tickets for the Thursday evening show (sry, not the midnight show…I’ll be sleeping then…). She has never seen any of the movies or read the books, so prior we will be having a twilight/new moon marathon to learn her up good. Also I have two of the same Team Jacob t-shirts which I am going to make her wear with me. Caaaaaaaaan’t wait.

3. Do you exhibit Road Rage? If so, what do you typically do to show your distaste for a stupid driver?
I have the worst road rage. I give death stares like no other, often the finger but not to people too close or stopped beside me, and I’m a yeller. I talk to the drivers like they can hear me. Just yesterday I was thinking how I need a little white board to sit on my passenger seat beside me so when I pull up beside the asshole who drove 80 in the passing lane on a 90 highway on a nice sunny day I can death stare him AND hold up a sign that says “thanks for driving 80 in the passing lane ASSHOLE.” (this happened yesterday)

4. Who is your primary inspiration? Why?
Gaaah. Everyone around me. Im a molder. I find my style, composition, mannerisms are molded by the people/media I surround myself with.

5. Did you play with Barbie’s when you were little?
HECK YES. I wish I still had them…

6. What was your WORST hair do, ever? Cut? Color? post a picture if you have one.
Oh harsh. The night I dyed my hair black and epically failed. It turned bright blue black, was hideous. The next morning my sister helped me hide from my parents. We bleached it twice and then dyed it back to brown. The people at the sears hair salon told me that my hair would fall out. It didn’t, thank goodness. But my scalp burned for the whole day.

7. Are you political?
I don’t follow politics, but I am very political in day to day life. I have very low tact, so I consciously try to think about what I say before I say it. I like it when people like me.

8. What do you think about Harry Potter?
Harry potter has been in my life since I was in gr 6. he’s pretty awesome. I love the books, and the movies are pretty good too (except for the last one that came out..brutal) and Daniel Radcliffe will never be any one other than harry potter. Deal with it kid.

and just for the fun of it, I did this awhile ago. I'll throw'er in. I mean, you can never get enough random information on someone, can you?

A through Z of my cozy little home
A- My AIR CONDITIONER is set on: open window + floor fan
B- My BEDROOM theme is: so high school (but it was very cool when I was in high school)
C- The CAR in the driveway is: 2003 Dodge SX2.0, 2005 Dodge Ram, 1995 Chrysler Sea bring, 2001 Honda VFR 800, 1983 Suzuki GS 650, 2000 Harley Road King. 3 people.
D- My DESK looks: packed, yet organized.
E- The EXACT time I wake up daily is: 4:10am (yeah, shoot me now)
F- The FIRST thing I wash in the shower is: my hair, or if im not washing my hair then my arms
G- My GARAGE is filled with: lots of stuff! Old hockey equipment, golf bags, motorbikes, bicycles, snow blower, lawnmower, various lawn tools. If there was ever crazy jason-esk murderer around my house I would go there and load up on hedge clippers and hatchets lol. And possibly a hockey stick.
H- My HOME is: great but I think I need my own place
I- If you peeked INSIDE my bedroom you'd see: kitties sleeping on my bed. arseholes, I just cleaned that!
J- My favorite JUICE is: pink lemonade or iced tea fo sho
K- The best part of my KITCHEN is: the fridge..duh
L- The LAST person who visited my home was: Evan
M- The last piece of MAIL for me was: a sweet letter from Sam! she's awesome.
N- My NEIGHBORS think I'm: rowdy but lovable. Especially when I drunkenly ask them for eggs to bake a cake at 12am
O- If you OPENED my fridge you'd see: a water jug, milk, cheese, and lotsa ziplock containers. we love our ziplock.
P- My last house PARTY was: super random but awesome. instigated by two of my favorites Whitney and evan. god bless them and their drinking habits.
Q- A QUICK meal I like to fix is: Kraft dinner. I am GOOD at making Kraft dinner.
*txt from last night* my mom walks in on me at 4am making Kraft dinner. asks me what im doing and I say "back the fuck off bitch, you don’t know my life!" baaaaaaaaahahahaha. kills me every time. (Whitney this would be you if you still lived at home)
R- My favorite ROOM of the house is: my bedroom and the bathroom. cuz I like to poop and read there. it's the only bathroom in the world I can sit in for as long as I want to.
S- The SHAMPOO brand I use is: Aveda, it does the job but it's nothing special
U- UNDER my bed you will find: a dusty monopoly game, some posters, and you don't wanna know what else. really, I don’t either.
V- The last time I VACUUMED was: almost 2 weeks ago, and only because I kept tripping over the cat hair tumbleweeds. I don’t vacuum.
W- Looking out my WINDOW I see: our deck and patio set, bbq, backyard, two baby barns and our life-size playhouse. the nashwaaksis stream which runs directly behind our house and the forest beyond <3 it's beautiful. I love it.
X- I wish I had X-TRA: SPACE for my shit! I live to organize.
Y- My YARD is: perfect. big, but not ride on mower big. and there are no flowers so no bees. CUZ BEING STUNG IS not THE BEES KNEES.
Z- ZZZZZZZ My bedtime is: 10 on a weekday. REMEMBER THE 4:10AM MORNINGS PEOPLE. (sensitive subject..)

will tag and post questions another time...for now, I'm hitting the road. HOMEWAAARD!


Amy Renee Martin said...

AWESOME! You are such a cool person! Thanks for answering my questions as well as Biscuits!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Great answers!

Mariella said...

Allow me to giggle while I read your title. *giggles* ;)

WhitneyAlaina said...

i think i should move back home for a weekend to have the kraft dinner moment.

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