Friday, June 11, 2010

Because I need to get rid of the giant photo of me and my ‘noff that keeps poppin up every time I open my blog page at work

I gotta say my favorite part about putting on deodorant is when you get to the end. That deceptive end. And all of a sudden you’ve got an armpitfull/shirtfull/brafull of slimy watermelon smelling white chunks. My all time favorite is when it happens while you’re sitting at your work desk, and then you have to fish out all the pieces, extremely carefully I might add, in order to avoid smudging them across your black sweater or giving your office a free peep show. Good times. Really. The best.

Lady Speed Stick: How about I put the patent on a warning line that gives us girls a fair heads up when we’re about to make an ass out of ourselves.

14 days and counting til I’m standing on Edmonton soil. I am scary excited for this trip, it’s not even funny. Yesterday I forced my sister to have a discussion on things I should pack. (Yeah, scary…however informative) I’ve also written up a formal schedule of what we should do and researched every landmark to visit.

ok, Twilight Warning.

The eclipse soundtrack has been playing non stop on my computer for the past 2 days and I might just be in love. (It’s about time I’ve found someone who treats me right) Thank gawd it’s so much better than the new moon soundtrack. (Which was awful FYI, for those of you fortunate enough not to buy it. My opinion, of course)

Ok, now forget for a minute that this has anything to do with Twilight (cough Robyn cough) and give a listen or better yet download these songs, my (current) favorites:

Let’s Get Lost – Beck & Bat for Lashes
Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric
With You In My Head – UNKLE The Black Angels
Heavy In Your Arms – Florence and the Machine
What Part Of Forever – Cee-Lo Green
A Million Miles an Hour – Eastern Conference Champions

Do it.

You know it's been 2 months since mine and Colins last amicable correspondance. It was this: Hello, I noticed your sweet ride is in the parking lot does that mean you will be laying your beautiful head in SJ tonight? 

Hard to believe it's been so long.  Since then
They've got back together
Colin bought a house in the country
She moved in with him

It's hard to believe so much has happened and it's been this long, and i'm still not over it.
I really miss him.
I'm really not over it.


Ashley KC said...

in happy news, there's going to be something super fun coming your way soon! i put a surprise in there that will make you laugh and maybe think boys are dumb.

Caro said...

Thank God the deodorant I use doesn't leave pieces behind!

The other day I downloaded the Eclipse soundtrack and it's really good. :)

mahuahua said...

I haven't quite gotten into the Eclipse soundtrack yet, but I loved both the Twilight soundtrack (faves: Spotlight by Mutemath and Decode by Paramore) and New Moon (too many to name faves, seriously, give it another chance hehe).
So far on the Eclipse soundtrack I adore Florence and the Machine, and I'm actually quite liking Metrics song (I don't normally like Metric) and Sia's. I love Bat for Lashes but haven't been too struck on her song with Beck, not yet anyway...
Sorry to hear about Colin, but he never deserved you sweetheart. I know me saying that won't stop the heartache but you need to know that you are awesome and it is his loss totally.


Robyn M. said...

I LOVE YOU! and I'm much less of a douche then colin.. that intense about the house tho.. I wish I had given him a good kick when I had the chance..since you sounded sad I will perhaps try listening to that crap movie soundtrack..cause sometimes music can't be blamed.. And if deoderant could give me a warning when I'm about to make an ass out of myself in general I would pay alot more for it..also you trip will be awesome so don't worry..

Amy Renee Martin said...

ha ha ha. I liked the New Moon soundtrack! ha. Especially Bon Iver "Roslyn" and the break up song. :) I haven't heard the Eclipse soundtrack.

And so true about deoderant. Also hate when you scrape your pit on the plastic edges when it gets down too low. Booooooo.

chelsea rebecca said...

ahh. yes the soundtrack is so much better than new moon! thank goodness!! and i love florence and the machine!!

and let me tell you.. dove changed my life!! it doesn't leave little pieces behind!!

janel. said...

The stickers are now available for the Journal Prompt challenge!! Check it out :)

a. said...

Eclispe = butterflies in my stomach!
You deserve so much better than him and it prob will hurt for a little longer but then it won't and it will be fabulous!

Plaid Guru said...

akc: yay! i'll be watching my mail box :D mail is so fun haha

caro: what deodorant do you use??? help a sister out here.

mahuahua: thanks for being so caring <3 your comment made me feel better and smile

Robyn: I LOVE YOU TOO! i miss you severly. lol. all of your mental kicks to colin are much appreciated. his mental ass must be really sore! haha did you like the music??

Amy Renee: I did love that song. I liked a lot of the songs off new moon actually, I felt it was just missing really catchy upbeat ones. The Black Ghosts - Full Moon from Twilight is still one of my favorites. Plastic edges are also sucky. You don't want to do it, but you don't have any other deodorant so you must!

chelsea rebecca: i am quite getting into florence and the machine myself! i will look into dove, any scents to recommend?

janel: thanks j, got one! cannot wait to start

a.: i know eclipse eeeee! i heart and miss you. cant wait to see you next weekend!

samboy said...

he's such an ass-bandit....

can i kill him now? :D x

Furrycrazer said...

Just eat chocolate and listen to sad songs until the bad feelings go away.
This too shall pass, babe. Trust me, I know. Love you. :)

Plaid Guru said...

sam: you have always had my permission. heart you.

erica: <3 <3 <3 i wish we could have a girl night.

TJayne said...

AHHH I have not listened to that soundtrack yet!!! BUT THE MOVIE COMES OUT SO SOON I can taste the sweat on Jacob's chest! Sighhhh.
LOVE YOU, wish I could see it with you on opening night :(

Plaid Guru said...

TBOMB! I HAVE MISSED YOU! you must be back from jamaica huh? check out the new GQ magazine. taylor, shirtless, laying down = heaven.

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