Sunday, August 2, 2009

Harry could you.

3 weeks the new Harry Potter movie has been out. 3 weeks I've been waiting for the experience! Matinee showtime, delicious snacks, almost empty theatre...the setting was flawless. And still the movie could not deliver. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my least favorite of all the hp movies. Now I know I know, not everyone has the same opinion as me. I've already heard someone saying how it was their favorite of the 6. But this is where I get to vent, so if you're not interested in my point of view on this then STOP reading now!!

One word: booooooring. They supposedly added new scenes that werent in the book to make it more exciting and add some more action to the flick...too bad those scenes were actually still boring as hell. Instead of these new scenes they should have just kept the actual action scenes that were in the book. (trying not to put spoilers here. if you've seen it, then you know what was left out, and if you havent seen it, then you will know what im talking about when you do.)
There were some decent things though, that they nailed. Draco Malfoys character in the 6th book, for example. Tom Felton did such a great job and he looked good in his black suit. His story was played out well. Also, Professor Slughorn was PERFECT! Perfect actor for the role.

This movie was very different from the others. You get used to the choppy scene changes and constant stimulation and silly action of the harry potter movies, but this one was laid out the complete opposite to what you would expect. There are many unnecessarily long scenes of conversations between characters and mindless camera panning shots of furniture and castle walls. This more social build of the characters would normally be very intriguing to me, except someone decided that PG was too much of a rating for this movie. The "kissing"/romance scenes, the students attitudes, the death eaters, Harry. Everything was just dulled down, pre-packaged for 5 year olds anywhere. Snore.... When I told this to my mother she calmly replied, "Hon, I think you have grown out of Harry Potter.", and if that is the case, then it is truly a sad day.

Twilight anyone?

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TJ said...

I too was very impressed by Tom Felton in this movie. Yes, it was in fact a dull movie, but the way I see it is they had to make it in order to get to the next two. The next two better be more amazing than life.
I think I may love vampires much more.

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