Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Finally, summer has begun! A beautiful weekend...pause for contented sigh. Ok back to reality. Only two more weeks before September and school is back in session. I would like to remind everyone however that I will be vacationing in sunny California! And I also will be continuing to work at Lepreau, so you won't catch me around stinky campus anytime soon :D

Oh god, has anyone seen those "Bump It" commercials. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I have never been more disgusted by a commercial..I actually have a disgusted look on my face thinking about it...the before and after pictures PUKE! The after pictures just look absolutely ridiculous. They are comical... and the before pictures all look like normal hair doos. Haha! Bang up marketing scheme: buy this product and become a martian!

Also the Virgin Mobile 'Connect Fearlessly' commercial: where they depict a couple txting in different locals around town, txting while walking down the middle of a traffic filled road with their heads down. Really good example setting..reminds me of when people text and drive, which is ridiculous. Especially when the driver cannot even manage to maintain a straight line.

Mmmmmmm craving fries supreme from taco bell.

Haha, I need to stop watching TV now. I am going horse back riding today! And am super excited. Right now I am watching a AMC movie called Lucas starring Kerri Green and Charlie Sheen. Sheen is super hot, woooo! And Kerri Green looks an awful lot like Emma Watson. You know, with an old style hair cut. I wish I had beautiful red hair!

Uh, it's breakfast time.

Just got back from horse riding. Fantastic! I went to Horseworld, the only place I can find that does trail rides in Fredericton. It was really fun only because I love love love love horseback riding. Otherwise the trail was so overgrown that you were basically pushing yourself through trees the whole time, it wasnt so much a trail as a really steep uphill climb on a horrible mud and rock filled trail, and then a really steep descent back down. Not to mention the horse I was given pretty much was a stubborn biatch! A young mare who was more interested in eating anything that brushed in front of her face then following the trail. Phew! Still love it tho. I was born to be a country gal. Even my name was made for it. (you know what I'm talking about.)

So now it is 30 degrees out, and I must go find a pool. Gidd'yup!

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