Sunday, August 30, 2009

California: the first installment

PLANES: not my forte. This wasnt my first time flying, but 1 hr and 12 min to toronto on an air canada jazz doesnt really count. Everything went surprisingly smooth, apart from my dramatic aerophobia. The first take off I had to hold my dads hand and had tears in my eyes. After landing and taking off three more times throughout the day, I am almost over it. I enjoyed the landings, especially into Las Vegas because I could see the strip. More or less I just get a little woozy and headachey now.
Yesterday my sister took us on a tour of Half Moon Bay, this yuppy surfer community where she lives. There are no malls and a downtown mostly consisting of expensive restaurants and organic vegetable stands. She walked me to the beach, which is..amazing. We saw seals flopping around in the water and there were about 15 pelicans that were really neat. The only bummer is that you need a wetsuit to swim in the ocean because it is actually freezing cold. I did put my feet in it tho :D. Also, it's across this like, live or die highway that you have to run across and wait halfway and then run the rest while cars are speeding at you from both directions at 40 mph.

I was walking around my sisters neighborhood yesterday snapping photos and every street ends in a dead end. I got to one and ignored the fence, walking over this thrown together wooden bridge made of two planks of wood and explored the area. So beautiful! I was afraid a snake would pop out of the tall grass and get me though so when the path led me to a patch I turned back. Another dead end street lead me to a dirt road which I was about to hike when I hear over my iPod music "HELLO!". This crazy looking old lady with purple purple hair is hollering at me and I'm like ooo a neighbor.
Me: Hi there! Do you know if this is private property?
Crazy purple haired old lady: YES IT IS!
Me: Well do you know if the owners live around here?
Crazy purple haired old lady: ME

Luckily at that very awkward moment Erica comes walking up behind me and I'm like "I'm here visiting my sister!" and we make a quick getaway while Erica explains that the crazy purple haired old lady is actually crazy.

Today my sister is at work and my parents are watching a law and order marathon :| It's chilly out, I only have shorts and tshirts so Im wearing my moms sweater and the only vehicle that I can drive someplace exciting is my sisters boyfriends giant diesel truck complete with lift kit.

I think I am going to brave the highway crossing and go read at the beach and listen to the huge waves.

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