Sunday, July 26, 2009

the final march of the orange sweater man

Today was Randy's last day in Fredericton. We cherished our remaining moments by piling down to Mactaquac beach. We played 2 phenomenal games of beach volleyball (of which my team won, of course) and then it started pouring (this is the worst Fredericton summer for rain) so we all just swam and swam and got mighty wet. All around good times. Good bye, Alan Jackson. I'll never forget the time we found you passed out naked in an empty bathtub in Halifax. *sigh*

In other news, this weekend has passed in a similar fashion to every weekend post-birthday party aka mono city. This past week has been really great tho, and I feel completely normal - no sickness, no fatigue. Hence me branching out and hitting the beach today! Friday and Sat night me and momma watched Twilight, :D. She is really in to it now. I also rented Watchmen with myself, and it was good. Definitely not the typical feel good super hero movie with the cherry ending. I do recommend.

Has everyone heard of the T-Zone? It's this new place on Queen St and you exercise on the machine for 10 min and it is the same as a 1 hour workout. It sounds hokey but I can actually notice a development in my muscles after only 1 week. It feels like your working out during a 10 min earthquake, and the first time is FREE! So everyone should shake there booty down there and try it out. (oh, BTW, if you do decide to get the $50 month membership, I have referral cards, and if I give away 5 of them to ppl who buy the membership I get one month free! So let me know if you are interested)

I've also given in to the evils of the tanning bed. I am friggin tired of being a pale whitey white in the middle of summer. Also, I don't want to stand out at the California wedding event...I am a guilty user of simulated sunlight. My legs, however, refuse to tan. I even use this hemp-blah blah lotion stuff, i dont even know what it is, and my LEGS are still super pale. Shout out to all my sistas soaking up the vitamin D, HOW DO YOU SUCCESSFULLY TAN STUBBORN PALE LEGS?!

Peace out.


m. said...

make sure to moisturize after you tan, dont shower and dont shave your legs right after you tan, and use a really good tanning lotion in the bed.. other than that it takes a long timee for legs to get dark. try using that jergens moisturizer that has colour in it, it works really well but make sure you spread it evenly and wash your hands after.

TJ said...

I agree with m. - also, why don't you try just doing one of those spray tans at Miami? I've never done it, but it couldn't be terrible right?
ps. I really, really love the fact that Jasper is staring at me right now.

Plaid Guru said...

I have done the spray tan before and it is certainly effective, but I wouldnt want to use it continuously. Lotion for the legs will probably work well.

His eyes are rather piercing arent they...sigh.

TJ said...

I see, yes, it costs quite a bit more eh?

Very piercing, I'm excited to see more of his character in the 3rd movie, hopefully.

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