Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sometimes I make stuff: Earring holder

I saw this on someone's blog (whoops! do not remember and I thought what an easy thing to put together. I love organization and this was perfect to keep all my hanging earrings on display and out of the box kept in my dressing table drawer.

I started by getting some old frames from my local anti-poverty store

I ripped out the...interesting contents.

I bought a few feet of 99 cent screen material from the local hardware store

I painted the frames my most favorite of colors and let them dry. I used standard bulletin board tacks to place the cut screen tightly on the back of the frames. I then used my glue gun to secure it down and removed the tacks. 

Voila! The finished product. And my earrings on display.

1 comment:

samboy said...

is it wrong that i loved the pictures before you ripped them up? :)

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