Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn Pt 1: A Review

Ya, if you haven't seen it yet stop reading now. Come back once you have. I want to know your thoughts.

Giant movie poster to block your view of my text!

Ok, here goes: (I comment best in point form)

Firstly, know I am a fan of the Twilight book series. I am therefore a fan of the movies. I am a biased party.

1. I was most upset that Bella did not spew a fountain of blood when her placenta detached. I had been looking forward to that moment since first reading the book, the moment when the movies would actually get really gruesome.

2. On the note of Bella's pregnancy, I never thought the movie would go that long. I am so excited that they won't be wasting half of the next movie on the "birthing" scene.

3. I approve of Jacob taking his shirt off for the camera within 2 minutes of the movie starting. Hubba.

4. The music for this movie was really disappointing. There was nothing memorable, except for the songs they reused from the previous movies (PS if you are going to reuse songs, at least reuse the good ones...)

5. There was a lot of good laughs in this one. There were also a lot of parts that were supposed to be serious but instead caused awkward laughter. Not so good...

6. There was a ton of Jacob in this movie (WOO!) even though it was supposed to be mostly about Bella and Edward...guess that needed to make it fair since in the New Moon book there was no Edward but somehow he ended up in the movie the whole time...

7. Bella's emaciated body was so well done. She really looked like she was going to die. Better than I could have imagined.

8. Bella's wedding hair/makeup was very under played. The book describes her as looking like a whole new woman but she looked more like a 18 yr old going on a date. A messy bun with a braid in the front and some eyeliner? Really?

9. The room was entirely not bloody enough for a person getting a child bitten out of them. Especially when the person in question had also been on a strict blood diet. MORE GRUESOME SCREW PG RATINGS.

10. Irina's character really bugged me. She is played by that annoying blond who got killed off of Lost season one. Didn't like her then...don't like her now.

11. If you thought Bella was a weak, shy, self concious girl with no confidence or self esteem in the book then this movie will amplify that viewpoint. OMG, simmer on the shaking chick...I would not be friends with this girl in real life. 

12. Overall I enjoyed the movie. It was not my favorite...but I can't tell you without watching it a few more times if it was my least favorite or not. My favorite book was New Moon and Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book and so far New Moon has been my favorite movie so...we'll see. My enjoyment would probably have been 150% more if I hadn't been seated in front of the most annoying people in the world who didn't shut up the entire time and laughed during inappropriate moments. I can tell you I am extremely excited for Breaking Dawn Pt2. All vampire...all the time. Can't wait.

PS: The Harry Potter movies kick the shit out of Twilight. Sorry, but so true!


a. said...

I really liked the movie but I agree that Bella did not look as beautiful for her wedding as she should have. and the borth scene was not what i thought it would be either. I wanna go see it again in theatres ;)

Venassa said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but Breaking Dawn was my favorite book - finally one that wasn't as predictable.

Tmo said...

Haven't seen it yet, I love twilight, but HP wins over it every time.

a. said...

I should probrably not admit this but I have never read or seen any of the Harry Potter movies

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