Monday, November 21, 2011

Chill in the air...

This semester is coming quickly to a close. And life goes on. Soon enough I will be out of school and thrust into the real world. Adult. Gulp. Not ready! Next weekend is our Sorority's Initiation Weekend and I cannot wait. This will be my second to last as acting President and just thinking about graduating and moving on from my University lifestyle is terrifying me.

Some things I have noticed lately: school is getting more and more boring, some people in my life are getting more and more immature and some ghosts of my past seem never to be disappearing. In all of this, I am very much missing one best friend of mine. Hopefully seeing her this week.

Good times Friday night pre-drinking @ K, M & N's place for our IBChi Superhero pubcrawl.

Winter has arrived in Fredericton and it is officially freezing. I miss Fall! Oh dear I miss it. Chilly enough out to wear a sweater but not bitter enough to break out the ol'winter jacket. I find myself getting into my winter routine...body covering pajamas, thick socks, drinking lots of hot cocoa and taking lots of steaming hot baths!

What I need: To study law...eugh...for my midterm tomorrow. To keep steady on my Weight Watchers program. To clean the clutter out of my room, it hurts to look at! To get my hair cut. To adult-nap and seduce Ed Westwick.

(Who's immature now! lol)

PS check playlist to your right.


Tmo said...

also on your list: hug trisha when you see her friday night.

Venassa said...

I miss the IBChi pubcrawls. They were always a good time.
Mmm Ed Westwick.

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