Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's looking to be about that time again....

aaaaaand this is what I do while I'm studying to keep sane

I'm sitting at school in a delightfully empty computer lab reading over and making notes concerning my upcoming midterm this Monday. I didn't get to go to the kegger (sad face) due to an overrunning CMPE lab last night which I didn't get home from until about 7:30pm, and which effectively turned my brain into mush. So emotionally stunted and drained I opted for a little R&R, watching a few eps of Dead Like Me, eating some smart pop and reeces and reading American Psycho in the bathtub. Looking forward to next weekend, where I will make my own kegger god dammit.

For those of you wondering, the colin issue has been dismissed. After thinking long and hard I decided that bothering to be facebook friends with him was not really something I wanted, or would benefit me. But being curious about his intentions I instead sent him a casual msg reading: "Sup? I see I was defriended, again huh" Thinking I would get some form of reply along the lines of "yea colleens nuts" or "i'm coming to fredericton this weekend", something to explain his sudden interest. I instead get no reply and mysteriously the friend request disappears. Can friend requests be revoked by those who make them? Curiouser and curiouser I check his account seeing that the msg I'd sent had been deleted and the friend request was there no more, meaning either he changed his mind (completely possible), or else his gf (who also knows his fb password) signed his account up to her Blackberry (which would explain why he had that on his profile news feed even tho he doesn't own a blackberry) and the msg infact went directly to her phone instead where she proceeded to delete the friend request. Either way, I'm a free bird and that was the longest run on sentence ever. Ha! I am relieved. Let's all cross our fingers that well enough is left alone.

Halloween is coming! Need costume ideas...

Girl Scout?
Bank robber?
Greek Goddess?

Just a few of the ideas I'm tossing around right now. For some reason I'm leaning toward bank robber. I really want to run around with a stuffed burlap sack with a dollar sign on it. It's hilarious to me I don't know why, but it feels right.

If I were a boy I would dress up as Vincent Price. I just watched House on Haunted Hill. Not gonna lie, I was kinda scared.

Also I feel the need for some pumpkin carving and leaf pile diving!!!!

I fucking love Fall.


AKC said...

i own every season available of Hilarious House Of Frightenstein. Vincent Price is my own personal god.

samboy said...

yes do the bank robber! you'd look hilarious! I can see it in my mind and it is genius :) you kinda look like the hamburgler, just with your head, not a burger head.

shall i stop now? haha x

WhitneyAlaina said...

i support bank robbery :)

i also support you being a sheep with me :) either way we can make costumes together <3

Miss Wendy said...

Bank robber!! That's a costume you definitely don't see very often.

m. said...

you should get a friend to do a pair costume with and be bonnie and clyde :)

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