Thursday, October 14, 2010

and just when things were looking...different

bollocks bollocks bollocks.

today began as a normal lovely fall day. went to school, met up with some friends to work on an assignment (THAT'S RIGHT! I am making friends at school again.

SIDENOTE: sometime around second year I started rebelling against my fellow engineering classmates. decided i hated everyone and they were all annoying losers. kind of a bitch? yea, sort of. I would choose to sit by myself with headphones and a book rather then make "forced" small talk. I don't really understand it now but apparently 16 months away working did me some good, cuz now you can't get me to shut up

One of the girls invited me to go to GEEKCHIC BOUTIQUE downtown with her cuz I'd never been, and we ended up going out to lunch at Dimitris (YUM!) and getting ice cream. we also hit the comic book store (beware of incoming nerdom) and i bought some new buffy books....umm quickly moving on, i saw a purdy lady at dimis :) Shout out to Mfizzle.

And I've been talked into going to my first EVER Electrical/Computer Engineering Kegger party...oooo I'm apprehensive! But kinda super excited to get slammed with my newly appreciated peers.

anywho, just a short, tiny recap there, what was i here for again?

oh ya. that.

caaaan anybody guess? ok. TWO guesses.

it has to do with a certain someone.

a certain someone who lives in saint john.

a certain someone who i thought out of my life for good.

a certain someone who i'd come to terms with having out of my life for good.

a certain someone who i'd already had my closure with.

yupp. you've guessed it. i got a facebook. friend request. from colin.

it popped up on my little innocent iPod screen as me and Tanya were in the parking lot. i heard the little 'bing', it just happened to be in my hand, and there it was, one friend request a la Colin Andrew Boyd. it actually stopped me in my tracks to the point where Tanya asked if I was ok. it was horrible, my stomach just completely sunk.

Tanya offered to steal my Pod right then and there and delete the request for me... but I said no. and now it's just sitting there all, requesty.

it's not the fact that he had the gall to re-add me.
it's not the fact that he deleted me just a few short weeks ago.
it's not the fact that it's been almost 50 days since our last night together and he's thinking about me now.
it's not that he is still in a relationship.

no. none of that compares.

it's the fact that i wouldn't let Tanya delete the request that is the most worrisome.

bring on the kegger.


Robyn M. said...

I loooovvveee you!!! Let me know if you need me to come up for an intervention..because my hate for colin seems much greater than this tanya's.

Amyschmamey said...

Sounds like you need an intervention! And. I really Really REALLY like your new blog stuff. Header, buttons. Definitely fits you!

samboy said...

arrgh will he just disappear off the face of the earth already?!

glad you're having fun in school :)

Tmo said...

Alright Robyn, I think this boy needs to go down!
Love to you Ty.

"That Feral Cat" said...

May I remind u of the ECSES kegger I dragged u to last year??? (then you lefft cuz you were lammmmeo :P <3)

Tanya<3 def had the right idea lady!

tyler_fraser said...

Robyn: I think it's safe to say I do not need an intervention this time, but a visit if it'll get you to Fredericton I may need one...<3

Amy: Thank you thank you thank you! I was taught from the best ;)

Sam: Haha, I thought he had! We never see eachother anymore since we don't work together and he lives over an hour away. Our worlds should no longer collide. Thanks! School is good!

Tmo: You and Robyn can double team him. I think hitting him with you truck would do it! Haha, jk. Maybe. Loooove.

Kasie: Haha, I know! Such a loser I was. You'll be happy to know I am happily socializing. However I didn't make it out last night, late late CMPE lab and two midterms Monday means STUDY STUDY STUDY!!

PS ALL: It's gone and over with and no I did not add him. :) Moving on with life!

"That Feral Cat" said...

ps. love that you have taken to socializing! now i can live vicariously through you! (my life is tres boring)

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