Thursday, October 7, 2010

womp there it is



Well, it's been yet another lengthy stretch since my last decent blog. I know I said I would likely be blogging it up during my SJ visit last Friday....but I was pleasantly surprised when after his hockey game Gary asked to hang ten. Turned out to be a really good night :) Not only did I get to relax in my lovely friend Jojo's bachelor apt, but I got to eat TACO BELL, my favorite, twice in fact, for dinner Friday night and lunch Saturday....haven't felt right in the gut since but it was delicious and worth every bathroom minute AND watched Letters to Juliet and Get Him to the Greek AND hung out with ....and I say this tentatively... my....main man? Errr, good enough.

Worst moment of the trip (and possibly of life) I was watching tv in the am and I noticed that I hadn't seen or heard of Joanne's crazy cat in awhile. It wears this friggin loud bell on its collar and Jo's apartment is not that big, so I had searched the whole thing in about 30 seconds. No cat :| Getting frantic. I get dressed and start running the halls of the building wondering how and when the cat had escaped. I have not been that work up and upset in, I don't remember how long. Went back to the apt and searched again, running from room to room over and over in this sick and twisted loop of terror practically crying! Finally I check her office closet again. There's this giant stuffed bear in there and thinking that its not going to do any good I lift it up. And there, hidden underneath the effing bear, IN A BOX, was the stupid cat.

Minor heart attack had.

Still a busy with school! No one was lying when they told me third year was the hardest, faaaaalk.

Biggest issue right now: trying to put large .pdf files (books) on my iTouch so I can read them at school. That way I don't have to drag around another heavy book with me. Anyone have a good app for this? Tried GoodReader and it won't friggin work for my iTouch. Blasted iPhone aps only.


Robyn M. said...

The cat has freaked me out in the exact same way many a time.. and I think I need to hear more about the boy sitch.

AKC said...

don't use a pdf. they are space hoggers and useless. use an epub. ebooks are small in space but have chapters and shit. and as for something to read them with, i have no idea.

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