Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weight Loss: Update

This past September I decided I felt too uncomfortable at my current weight and began a routine to help me get healthier. I haven't updated much about this, I guess I thought I was jinxing myself every time I wanted to write about it. But here I am - it's February and I have lost 50lbs.

Thas right. FITTAY.

At the beginning of September I weighed 343lbs. Today I hover around 293. I actually attained this early December, but gained about 10-15lbs over my 3 week Christmas break - during which I ate a turkey dinner ever day I do believe.

I've finally got back to where I was and am happy. But for the past few weeks have stayed at the same weight and so I'm ready to get back into my original routine.

I play volleyball 3 times a week and recently have taken up cross country and downhill skiing. This however I do not attribute to my weight loss. When I began I was playing volleyball merely once a week.

June 2012

August 2012

October 2012

December 2012

And at the end of January 2013

Just looking at these pictures now sort of baffles me. I plan on doing a post detailing exactly what I did. I could explain it here, but then this post would be a novel.

So here is me posting this, finally. I'm trying to feel brave and just get it out there. I still have a long ways to go but I am happy...er.


Miss Wendy said...

Good job you!! That is awesome and you are amazing. I'm at about 282 and I know I need to do something about it, I just don't know where to start. I've decided that starting tomorrow I'm just going to start making better choices, perhaps get back to going to a zumba class. You are such an inspiration!!

Robyn M. said...

Thats awesome! And I think you are always beautiful and amazing!


yay! i'm glad you're happy(er) and congrats on 50! Also, you have good taste in dresses I hear bahaha :)

samboy said...

Well done you! That's a huge amount of weight to lose in that short time, whatever you are doing is obviously doing you good! x

WhitneyA said...

i knew you lost a lot but I had no idea it was that much Ty!!! Amazing!

FashionistA said...

AMAZING work Ty! Conrats and pats on the back to you!
I am in complete love with the silver dress you work in your Jan picture! Super Classy.

Keep it up Lady. You are amazing. dont forget it!

Tyler said...

Thanks everyone! You guys are all so sweet and are only inspiring me to continue!! Lovee

A girl in the world. said...

WOW good for you Tyler! Glad to hear you're doing good! I need to hear how you did that in that amount of time...looking forward to your next post!

girl on a mission said...

wow!! I'm so happy for you. You must feel amazing. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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