Thursday, January 12, 2012

This or That v.1

Tag: This or That?

Coke or Pepsi? I do not like either! Seriously I detest them. But since I started drinking diet soda, Coke is the most popular at restaurants so I would prefer I guess diet Coke.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? I do love ice cream but I would have to say frozen yogurt because it is healthier and just as tasty!

Clothes or makeup? Ummm...toss up! This is a hard one. I really like to wear clothing I feel confident and comfortable in, but make up can really make or break a look in my opinion. When I see a girl and she has cute rosy cheeks and long dark eyelashes I'm like, she takes care of herself.

Hairspray or frizz lotion? I honestly am not a big hairspray user but I never use frizz lotion, so hairspray wins. I think a good oil heat hair protector is a must have. I rub it into the ends of my damp hair. It makes my hair much smoother and less tangly. The one I am currently using was a gift and i love it! Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide protective smoother for very dry/unruly hair.

T.V or book? I do love a good book and I love to read but I must say I love love love watching a good television show. I prefer having the entire season or series and watching them all in a row.

Pool or beach? Pool. The beach is beautiful but water animals kinda freak me out! And so does dark water. WHAT'S DOWN THERE?!

Water or soda? Erm..water! or even better, Iced Tea!

Sandals or boots? I love sandals. I would wear flip flops all year long if I could.

Purse or backpack? Haha! Is this even a question? Purse. CUTE purse!!

Team Jacob or Team Edward? Team Jacob all the way books and movie. But especially in the books! Oh poor Jacob.

Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana? W of WP because Selena Gomez is the shit. She is hilarious and gorgeous!

Mall or online shopping? I LOVE online shopping because there is such a wide variety and nowadays shipping is almost always fast and free. Some of my favorite online shops are Forever21 Canada, Urban Outfitters and Old Navy.

Tennis or soccer? Soccer, I played it for years and years when I was younger! Lots of fun! The best part was my Dad was always my soccer coach. Even my Mom was one year!

MAC or Maybelline? Humm hmmm. MAC, but I only like a few paint pots and pigments. (They last forever! and I use them all the time.)

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