Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This goes out to all those with room-mate frustrations.

Do you ever wish you lived alone sometimes?

Technically, my room mates are my parents. That doesn't make them any less 'I want to kill you'.

I buy 80% of the groceries at my house because my Mother doesn't leave the house/has no money and my Dad is useless in these matters. I am fairly certain he has never gotten proper groceries in his life. He would live off of coffee, milk, eggs and peanut butter if he was alone. And I don't just mean groceries, I mean toiletries, garbage bags, kitty litter, cat food, etc. This was never really an issue, as I have become fairly used to it over the years. But at least at that time my parents would purchase the bigger ticket items like meat and milk (which I DO NOT drink!) Nope. No everyday it's like "Tyler, bring this home...Tyler pick up this...". And if I don't get it, it won't be got. Currently, we have no garbage bags, no meat in the house other than the hamburger meat and turkey I bought...and that's about it. No fruits, no veggies cept for some carrots. We have mayonaise!! and bread! Yum Yum mayo sandwich, :|

Being told what to do or eat.

Example: I come home last night from a full day. It's 9 o'clock, I have not had proper supper yet. I sit down with my Mother to be nice and have a little chat. I comment how I wish there was something to eat because I am hungry. She proceeds to tell me how I am eating too much food lately...WHILE STUFFING FACE WITH CRACKERS AND CHEESE IN FRONT OF ME. When I point this fact out to her she then counters with and that I eat too late at night. AGAIN, PLEASE TAKE EXAMPLE OF YOURSELF. Then she proceeds to tell me that that is her supper. I'm like, even better. Yupp. My mother the diabetic eating crackers and cheese for dinner at 9 o'clock when she has been home all day. Great example, Mom. Thanks for the criticism and have a lovely evening! So so glad I stopped by to have this little chat. *Cue stomp off downstairs.

Being harassed when I don't give a play by play of where I am going when I leave the house, and getting yelled at when I come home late. Pssst..I am 23 years old. And it's my car...

What kind of Issues do you have with your room mates??


Venassa said...

Parents can be the worst kind of roommates. Especially cause you can't just tell them to screw off really. My worst roommate was a mess. Food dripping off counters, garbage piling up, random stuff all over the livingroom. When I lived with my ex he was even worse, plus he smelled. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

a. said...

My husband is a pretty good roomate, he never folds his laundry and thats it. But i have had roomates who were messy and made me feel like a third wheel in their extremely PDA relationship.


OMG you have no idea how this is exactly how my aunt is. She's currently trying to lose weight, so she always makes snide comments when I eat junk or not-healthy-enough-for-her-type-snacks. She even stays awake until I get home, and then as soon as I do she goes to bed, then the next morning she makes a comment like: you came home late last night, I thought you were only going to go watch a movie.. (or whatever I was doing). I also have to get supper ready for 6 and we make the menu a week early so I can't be spontaneous and make supper plans with friends or stay on campus later to do homework or whatever. She also makes me make turkey pies/chili/lasagna sauce/other freazable food for a whole day on the weekend even if I have a lot of homework to do. She also always comments that I have more free time than she does, which isn't true. She thinks I never have homework.

anyway, all of that to say, I feel your pain haha

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