Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's in the cards

The holidays are over and school has begun again. I am nearing the end...May graduation. Not ready for real world action. Have decided* am moving to Edmonton to live with my sister as soon as I'm finished. This is to avoid getting a real job and growing up.

*This is one of those things you say and hope happens but probably won't.

Also, maybe there will be some hotties there, cuz there certainly are none around here. Except for those handsome boys on my television screen (thank you Vampire Diaries).

Getting up at 7am is torture. I did not miss 8:30am classes. Kill me...

Christmas was pretty awesome...a little too much family but it only happens once a year. Not really much of a vacation, more like a 2 week long exhaustive family visit.

My sister read my tarot cards and it was freakayy. She read me twice using two different decks. I ended up picking the same card (from a shuffled pile laid out in front of me) for myself both times. There are over 50 different cards in each deck to give you an idea of the odds of that happening.

Ya, THANKS Tarot cards. Stupid Six of Cups. LIKE I DIDN'T KNOW ALREADY!

A very merry harry potter christmas to you all.

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Miss Wendy said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That meme is fantastic.

I think avoiding real jobs and growing up is definitely the right thing to do. I wish I would have done that for a little while longer, I really regret not doing everything I wanted to do before I got my job. Now it's too good to leave, I'm too invested, blah blah blah. Ideally I would like to buy a winnebago and live by the beach. Maybe someday.

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