Wednesday, August 4, 2010

La Douleur Exquise!

As intolerable and annoying as my weekend began (thanks to a certain someone who couldn’t plan a decent crap to come out of his ass let alone camping trip), it turned out to be one of my favorite of the summer so far. I gleefully took Friday off of work to bring my long weekend (thank you New Brunswick Day) up to a solid 4 days. After ½ day wasted spent searching for campsites (fail) my papa suggested I ask his dad if I could set up tent by his RV on the Naswaak River. Well by golly did I ever.

But before I get to that, let me just say thank the world for this person. It is really, really great to have someone you can count on through thick and thin: Who will always listen to your pathetic tales of woe and not make you feel worse, who will be glad to throw you a pity party complete with male strippers and nintendo, who will be by your side if you ever feel the need to creep on a certain boys fb page, who will paddle upstream to rescue you when you’re stranded in a kayak and you’ve lost your paddle, and who will help you eat that pint of Ben & Jerrys (Actually that shits expensive. More like “…help you eat that mcdonalds cone..”).

*Thanks to all the ladies in my life near and far who fit this. Love love love you all.

Friday the day was spent at our favorite 1800's hangout, King's Landing! Whit and I spent the day making our way through the quaint little town. We both decided that we'd like to have been born in the past but that Whitney would marry extremely rich so that she'd never have to lift a finger and that I would likely be married to the town's store keeper and possibly own an apothecary. I took pictures of everything and the "townsfolk" just loved us! (Probably because we were neither 6 nor 75 yrs old, which seemed to be the going age for every other tourist visiting.) We had fun taking in the history, drinking in the pub (Well...drinking water. It was hot!!) and stalking the mysteriously sexy horse cart driver.

O Great Map Reader
Just call me the horse whisperer.
Saturday was camping time! Not only did my brand new "popupable" (please see video link below) tent from Canadian Tire kick some serious ass, but my extreme camping mess turned into a beaaautiful butterfly: a surprise 2-(wo)man kayaking adventure and extremely entertaining hang out with my Grampie by the campfire. Grampie Fraser hang out time = surprisingly really fun.

Grampie and some RV action.

Badass Golfcart.
The Yaks.
Prob the one and only decent pic of us together. Kayaking + rapids + Vex = bad photo ops.
*I did make my own video demonstrating the awesome power of the tent, but this one is so so much better. (BTW it is totally real. I can assemble and dissemble the thing in 30 seconds flat. Pure magic. Eat that Harry Potter! Tentimus Maximus!!!)

When I finally got home Sunday I completely passed out. Woke up around dinner time with flip flops still on and dried drool on my chin. (nummmy)

Monday aka New Brunswick Day, me and the fascha took a trip to the US of A on our motorcycles. It was the most beautiful day and it was fun hanging out with my dad. We drove about 600km total and stopped about 10 times. He said we could never go anywhere for a purpose because at my stoppage rate it would take us 3 weeks to arrive.

The bikes <3
It's in the family.
Big smiles!
"How to eat my giant sandwich? Is so big!"
Rest Stop in Houlton, Maine.
Today I am back at work, working hard to get everything done in time for me to leave (just 4 more weeks EEK!) And yeah, things are still complicated with what’s his name. Honestly, I don’t think I know how to function around him properly. And I don't think, in four weeks especially, I ever will. Like, the fact that I’m trying to act normal around him and treat him like I would everyone else at work is just making me act weirder towards him. I’ll never get used to the idea he’s not someone I should be treating special. It’s crazy, but I still have feelings for him and that glimmer of hope that he feels something for me forever lingers. I am totally buggered. So, depending on my mood, I find myself seesawing between writing him soppy I-miss-you emails and standoffishly ignoring him when I bump into him in the cafeteria. What must he think of me? (NUTS, BONKERS, GOOBER…) I just wanted to say goober. Can matters of the heart ever just be civilized. Stupid primal instincts/irrational hormones.

To the left, to the left.
Carry Bradshaw, you took the words right out of my mouth.
Did I ever really love Big Colin or was I addicted to the pain? The exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable.

Let’s end with a summer list update…


1. Return for the 16th time to Magic Mountain Water Park in Moncton, NB.
2. Swim in the ocean.
3. Spend a weekend by myself at my camp in Boistown, NB.
4. Invite good people to stay at my camp with me for a weekend. (This weekend!)
5. Go tenting somewhere…anywhere!
6. Go on a road trip.
7. Get my swim stroke back. (Progressing)
8. Wear my hair naturally as much as possible. (Unleash the curl!)
9. Get a natural tan. (failing at the face, but the rest of the bod is coming along nicely)
10. Wear less face make up.
11. Feel beautiful again with no make up. (when I lose 10lbs...)
12. Be a passenger in a motorboat. (Does "driver" of a kayak count?)
13. Try fishing. (I saw a fish)
14. Go hiking in Fundy.
15. Motorbike the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia with my papa. (Did go 600km! down through Maine)
16. Eat a lobster, for the first time!
17. Figure out how to get rid of stinky feet and shoes.
18. Read 4 new books (Help me out people! I’m a terrible repeat offender…need some new material)
19. Host a potluck.
20. Slowly grow out the layers in my hair until I have a long, natural blunt cut. (slowest. process. ever.)
21. Get really dirty at least once.
22. Go for a midnight swim at Kilarny Lake. (this may be problematic as it's getting really cold out at night now)
23. Surround myself with people I love, are supportive and truly care about me. (so far so good)
24. Bake a quiche.
25. Fall in love with someone worthwhile. (pff, goood luck me)


WhitneyAlaina said...

of all the photos to open with you choose the scariest.

also im missing the timeline photos i took of you and you kayak.

also i love you <3 my mom also ditched me for the zoo (my dad wants to take her on a dolans date friday night) so i dont need to worry about coming home at any particular time saturday from your camp.

Robyn M. said...

I always imagined your work trailer far more ghetto than fb has led me to believe it is..disappointing really.. Also I really like the dress you're wearing in the pics from the olden times!

samboy said...

ooh such a pretty place!

my parcel came last week, thankyou so much! I'm sorry I kept forgetting to let you know it'd arrived but i was so happy and grateful! :)

thanks my sweet x

a. said...

I love you!
You are too fabulous for the unworthy.

I get back on the 29th of August, will sleep 2-3 days traight and then be ready for Magic Mountain - might be a little colder arouns the beginning of Sept though


chelsea rebecca said...

i can't even handle the awesomeness in this post!
and thank goodness for 4 day weekends!

Plaid Guru said...

Whitney: HAHA you are missing them and you will be forever. Baaaaaaaaad pictures! Lol.
Robyn: thanks Ro! I bought it twice. And my work trailers ARE ghetto, trust me.
Samboy: I’m glad you got it alright! I think I just sent you off some more mail in fact. SURPRISE.

A.: haha you’re comments always make me smile! BAHA magic mountain in Sept. pretty sure it’ll be closed! BRRRR! We can…go swim in a hot tub indoors instead. Miss you can’t wait to see you when you get back.

Chelsea Rebecca: amen sister.

Miss Wendy said...

Your names for my ice cream baby are freaking fantastic! If I ever have a child, or buy another fish, I'm definitely going to seek your baby naming expertise.

And gosh I love stalking mysterious people all over the place. I can't believe not a single person has restrained an order against me. Or restrained me in order to off me.

Good times.

molly YEH! said...

this is the most incredible summer list EVER! mine consisted of, like, riding a bike. and yours is all this cool stuff and i am jealous and i hope you finish it all!! especially the quiche part! my mama makes a good homemade quiche. and you've just gotten me in the mood for it!

Eva said...

Looks fun! I need to camp more..

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