Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello Nutso

Hi hi hi! I am dropping in for another quick update here. I am joyfully awaiting Christmas - only 8 days until I am flying home!

I am planning a small Holiday party for this coming Saturday for my co-workers and am so very very excited! I've been gathering some decoration ideas, food and drinks too. Party planning is FUN!! Someday I will be an excellent house wife. This shit just drives me. All I want to do is decorate and plan and prepare. Tonight I will be tripping to Canadian Tire and Superstore.

I have been reading an excellent book also recently called The Egyptian. The person who lent it to me is very special to me, and this just makes the read even more enjoyable. It's an old book, I've already torn off the cover and the edge binding by accident - someone give me the number of a book repair shop ASAP please!

5 more work days and I am a free bird. See you soon you filthy animals.

Finally - please follow the link to a superb cookie recipe, here.

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