Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

This is my second time doing this!

Here goes...

For breakfast I made my classic numiness (But with THREE tangerines this time. LOOK OUT!)
2 large eggs, 2 pieces of weight watchers white bread, 1 tsp butter on toast, extra lean ham and 3 tangerines + glass of water. VERY DELICIOUS! (12 Weight Watchers points)

For lunch I had this meal: TUNA IS DEEEELICIOUS and nutritious. I started eating it before I remembered to take a picture. So hungry! Ha ha. Ok, I use flaked white tuna and mix it with low cal miracle whip and veggies. Today I added chopped green pepper, onions and celery. NUM! Again on weight watchers white bread. Then I filled the rest of my tummy with a normous pickle and veggies and phili dill pickle dip (my fav).

Then I wanted something sweet so I ate these, Weight Watcher Cinnamon...crisps? 2 points a sachel.

So point total for lunch: tuna sandwich 5 or 6 pts, phili dip 5 points, and sweets 2 points for a total of 13!

For dinner I had this THANKS MOM!

Instant rice from a CAN lol it was good and a pork chop. This meal also totalled 13 points.

So there you have it! Link up and post your own what I ate Wednesday!

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