Monday, December 12, 2011

Tyler's Wish List!

OKAY! Let's go crazy with Christmas presents!

What is on my wish list this year? Well this year I have really been trending towards books. Books related...anything books I would really like. Also beauty products and moisturisers. I LOVE to moisturise. A couple times a day at least on my face. For some reason when I don't wear makeup my face gets dryer easier. And I have been being a lazy pants when it comes to make up wearing for the past few months.

Baking! I have only just TONIGHT baked cookies that are not a fail. They are actually delicious! They are called Reverse Chocolate Chip cookies. They are made with cocoa powder to choco-tise the dough and white chocolate chips. I left out 1/4 cup flour from the recipe.. I am a big fan of no flour. I find when I make a batch of cookies with too much flour that is all I can taste. Any fun recipe books or tools (cookie cutters, fun baking kits)

Without further ado...

The Shiver book series. I've heard that if you like Twilight you'll like these. There are three books in the series and I cannot wait to read them!

 A book holder! This is the only picture I could find using google but there is one from Chapters that is really nice...I believe it is called a lap book. I want to use it, mostly for reading in the bathroom so I stop getting my books wet and ruining them but it would also be nice for reading at the table!

Book ends. SNAZZY book ends. That are strong and heavy. Friggin books needa stay up! These are from Chapters. Sooooo cute!

Dearest of Santas, please please bring me enough stocking money to splurge on these $209 glasses. Cuz they are awesome. And it is about time I bought myself a pair of legit sunglasses more expensive then $4...

A digital food scale so that I can weigh my food properly...President's Choice brand sells them at the Superstore! My friend has one and I love love love it. There's a fancy bamboo one at Walmart as well.

A digital scale for MYSELF! I have a wonky needle one that goes +- 5 pounds for no reason at all and is impossible to read unless you bend over. I have no idea where you can get one of these but it would have to run over 300lbs to work for me! Probably one of the cheaper ones wouldn't work.

DKNY PURE perfume

A Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) I love these little buggers. I have a tiny one that I keep on my vanity but I would love to get a big one!

A rolling pin to facilitate my extreme bakingness! (Hopefully it will add to my extreme skill)

That about wraps it up for this years Tyler Wish List.

A few other tidbits include - ANYTHING from Sephora (Urban Decay, Benefit, Sephora brand), Gum (a minty flavour), Magazines (Nylon, Cosmo, Elle), Ferrero Rocher!

What are you all wishing for this Christmas???


Venassa said...

I love the book holder and bookends. I'm always reading in the tub so the book holder would be perfect. And I have a ledge all around my room where my books currently are so the bookends would be perfect for that.
I love that gum is on your list :p

A girl, in the world. said...

Sobey's gift card, earphones that don't fall out of my ear (the kind that look like ear muffs!), a pretty coloured case for my mac, car key locators (constantly losing my keys! ><) and chocolate! But I know I'm getting none of this (except maybe the chocolate! :D), because my mom's giving me rent money for Christmas instead since I'm poor. But if I had to make a wishlist, these would be on it!

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