Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ya ookaaaay

Me and momma are going out SHOPPPPPING! Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart. Whoa. Somebody stop the wild train.


I won a free dvd from popcorn. 

Yupp. It's that Orville popcorn where you heat up your bag and a message appears in this little box. Well it told me I won and it told me to write down a number and enter at this website. That was last night. Tonight, I'm sitting here waiting for my mother to actually be ready to exit the house, figured I would get it done. Took me three friggin websites and no less than 8 google searches to find the right one. The bag lied to me! Told me the website address for the old contest. Anyways, I managed. I got my free DVD, a choice of.... (drum roll please)

The Cat and the Hat
Nanny McPhee 2
The Tale of Desperaux.

We chose the mouse movie.

Erm well we just got back. I am tired now and we have lots of toilet paper. Biiiiiig day. I was very excited at the grocery store when we entered the frozen food section and there was this big hanging sign for Candy Cane Ice Cream: a holiday treat must and one of my personal favorites. I was however severely disappointed when, after mom and me searched for like 10 minutes, there was none to be found. SERIOUSLY upset. Stupid sign.

Oh I also put up our ourdoor christmas lights. We now have our tree up and decorated and our outdoors decorated, AND IT'S ONLY DEC 11th! This is a Fraser family miracle.

Back to studying.


m. said...

It makes your walls look fuschia, I loveeee it!

WhitneyAlaina said...

when i saw the movie choices i thought "if she did not choose the horrible mouse movie i will be highly disappointed". I suggest we get boozed up and watch it hungover once again. saint john is optional. actually so is the hangover.

Furrycrazer said...

I can't believe you decorated without me! Not. cool. Seriously.

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