Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have something to say

After reading this blogpost (which I encourage you all to stop and read now), there are a few things I would like to get out.

I want to say, thank you.

Reminds me of something my mom always say, "It never hurts to say thank you to someone and let them know they are appreciated. Nothing bad ever comes of that."

True words momma. True words.

Warning the following may be extremely mushy and sentimental.

First: thanks mom. You are my rock (sooo cliche) and you selflessly take care of me. You are one of my best friends and you are ridiculous and strong and I love you.

Second: my best friend Whitney. How fortunate I was to meet this girl who I'd always wanted to be friends with in high school but never quite found the right time, who has become a soul mate and is a constant in my life I feel I can really depend on. She loves me despite my faults, my temper, my busy schedule, and my ridiculous boy fascinations. I look up to her, she is beautiful and determined and through good and bad is always herself. I can't wait to see where life takes us as we grow up together, get married and build families. I know it will be one hell of a ride <3

Oh gawd, ALL my other amazing friends who I am truly blessed to have met.
Robrob: You left a friggin gaping hole when you left, which I honestly wasn't expecting. I miss you, a lot. You are always there for other ppl and you tell it to them straight. You are ridiculous, awkward, and adorable. And a hot mamma when you want to be. You always listened to me pity party about boys, which I really appreciate, and give me good advice. You are my bestest drinking buddy. Lurv you long time.
Jojo: Took awhile for us to get there, or maybe just for me to, but you have developed into someone I couldn't imagine not having in my life. You are so brave and you stand behind your convictions. You are a substitute mother to any one who is in need and you will be a great success in life. PS You are one sexy bitch.
Nicole: Whole hearted, selfless, tolerant, accepting, caring. A wicked party animal and someone who can be counted on. <3
Hutch: You live on a farm.

JUST KIDDING! Lol, I love you.
Ashley: You were there for me whenever I needed you. Thank you for being the person you are. I miss just being able to show up at your place, talk and watch movies. And I miss your drunken sexy dance. I hope you and Richie find all the happiness you both deserve and I am so happy for you guys.
Tmo: My lovely little model sweetheart. Always caring, always full of emotion and love and someone who is a hell of a time at a party :D

There are so many more I could write, thinking of you all in my's hard to choose. My life has been touched by so many great women. I guess I will sum it up and just say Iota Beta Chi Sorority: All you sisters, you truly are my sisters and each and everyone of you has touched on my life at some point or another and I am truly honored and thankful I met you all.

I feel like this list is lacking in boys. I had a lot of guy friends in high school, and I ended up dating most of them. Hence, not so much friends anymore...
but there is one, Dan, and he won't read this but I love him dearly and I know he will always be my friend and we'll be old and moldy and eating ice cream on a dock somewhere. He is sensitive without knowing it, adorable and a great friend. We met in gr 6 and I was the first girl who danced with him at one of the dances and it was that that solidified his liking of me. He will never let me forget :) and I'm glad I did.

There are people missing from this list, or, person. Someone who will never read this but someone who stands out in my mind as a shining friend. Ok, none of you will know him (well maybe you Whitney) so I will just say it anyway, Mike Weale. He was one of my best friends in high school and I will always respect him and always quietly wish he would speak to me again and that we could be friends now, a little more grown up and a little more mature. Cuz I think we could be best friends again.

Finally, I'm going to say my sisters: Erica and Brittany. These two chickas are fantastically strong, intelligent ppl and we will always be on my same wavelength. Sisters go through stages: jealousy, annoyance, hate, tolerance, and inevitably become best friends. (Unless one of them is a total douche...then that just sucks) Haha, they are my girls, my always, my laugh, my heart, my ridiculousness, my inside joke, my drinking buddies, my movie cuddlers, my chatterboxes, my vent, my loves,

my trinity.

Oholycrap I just wrote a lot....of stuff. :| awkward face. OH WELL not deleting it.



Robyn M. said...

"Hutch you live on a farm" BAHAHAHA I nearly peed my pants when I was just about to get all emotional and teary eyed..I LOVE YOU!!!!(I'm a liar, I actually did tear up)

WhitneyAlaina said...

ya I was gettting all watery but the hutch part killed it haha :)
love you ty <3

Venassa said...

I laughed at the part about Hutch living on a farm. Just a bit unexpected.

a. said...

<3 it! all of it about everyone. Sometimes I feel that I don't let others know just how much I care about them either. Your momma is some smart.

I love you and I to miss random visits, movie dates, chillaxin', market trips and long talks not to mention adventures involved alcohol.

I thank you for always being who you are and not bending or changing for others. Its admirable. You dont judge me, you're just there for me and I know I can call you at anytime for just about anything.

Furrycrazer said...

Way to put us last! (kidding)
Seriously, thank you. Love you forever and always.
PS. See you on the 22nd!

Anonymous said...

i do live on a farm

brit. said...

our sister thing is hard to put into words, but that's pretty dead on how i feel! i love you!!! see you on sunday!

p.s. i have now quoted you on my fb page

Lillian said...

I found your blog through Amyschmamey's feature blogs.

I love that you thanked so many people in your life in this blog! Good going!

wichser studio said...

oh man that was so heartfelt and sweet. i have no idea who these people are, but i completely wanna see hutch's farm, put a face to mike weale, and i already wish whitney was my bff, hope to be old and moldy eating icecream with you and dan on a dock, and wish i had sisses like erica and brittany!!

this was glad you didn't delete it. i'm queen of 'save as draft' for the most real posts like this on my own blog LOL.

i'm glad to be following you! thank you so much for putting me on that little right hand side bar cool;) i'll keep up with some good reads.

and about jewelry, yea it's hard for me to get inspired all the time too...i kinda wait or seek for inspiration through anything im looking at, til something sparks me. then i make some pieces. then i sometimes take a looooooong ass break and come back. that's one thing im trying to do - stay consistent. and try to open my eyes n heart to inspiration. it's really difficult at times for me.

omg sorry for righting a comment as long as your post!! ill be back hun :)

wichser studio said...

and i just spelled WRITING wrong lol.

la petite lydia said...

This is such a sweet post! I love it. :)

I figured I would answer your question about Shadowmancer. It is a high-fantasy series that takes place in 1700s England. It is the typical good vs. evil. But is very well written. It is very Christian, yet has some incredibly creepy parts. The author use to be a vicar in England. Now he goes around England telling Ghost Stories and English Folklore. :) You should definitely read the books!

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