Friday, April 26, 2013

Paleo Diet Update #2

Well! It has almost been a week of eating "Paleo" (it feels like a year) - I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's sorta bullshit because let me tell you eating strictly paleo is extremely difficult. And sort of confusing.

When they say, 'Only eat what cavemen could have eaten', it makes me think of really bare necessities. But based on a lot of the snacks and recipes, that's not so accurate. Cavemen did not have almond butter, but you can eat it because it's made of almonds. But it is still processed. I don't get it. Finding grass fed meat is...well I don't know where to get it and I'm too busy to really look so I bought normal meat. And does bacon count? Because then...yay. Do hotdogs count? Like All beef hotdogs? I don't know, as I said it's a bit confusing.

However as a diet, this Paleo thing is working. I have gone down about 5lbs since Sunday. Which doesn't mean so much really. We'll see what the scale reads next weekend. Of course I'm going to lose weight since I'm not eating fast food or a bunch of carbs like chips and candy...dddduuuhhh. Because really I was eating that a lot before. Don't know how much can be attributed to the actual eating of meat and veggies only, and nothing man-made like splenda.

This diet is boring to the extreme. Diets suck. Sooooooooooooo boring. Shit I miss salad dressing, even fat free salad dressing. That's sad. I should be missing chocolate, probably. Fuck. Alright well I'm going to keep doing it. Will update again soon.

PS: Eating hamburger meat at work with chopsticks is fun.

Haha poo poo diet

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WhitneyA said...

It sounds like a sucky diet so I am super proud of you for being awesome enough to follow through! I love carbs and chocolate sooooooo much.

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