Thursday, September 24, 2009

To market, to market

For those of you who have grown up in Fredericton or the surrounding areas, or have lived here and are privileged enough to recall the savory taste of a Patel's Samosa, be prepared...


As part of my dinner last night I enjoyed 3 delicious beef Patel's samosas.

As most of you know, the Patel family was famous at Fredericton's Farmers Market for making the most delicious samosas and having the longest, yet efficient, line up. However all good things must come to an end. The Patel's were asked, along with current market sellers Samosa Delight, to move their stand outdoors because their lineups were disrupting the flow of the market going crowd. Patel's turned down the offer and decided it was time to retire their rich asses, so they loaded up and left Fredericton to vacation in the South. Upon returning, old Mrs Patel, who was the talent behind the samosas, decided she would never make them again to sell to the public. Whoa is me.

Meanwhile, Samosa Delight happily moved out of the interior market, set up a trailer and relished in the absence of Patel's and their #1 competition.

So, how it is, you are asking, that I came to acquire such a treasured meal? Well, recently a movie was made about Mrs Patels life. For the movie, she had to make samosas. And for the, this is where my details get fuzzy I was too busy eating to listen, either wrap party or premiere she helped cater the event by supplying, you guessed it! Her homemade Patel's samosas aka heaven! PS My mom's best friend was there and she gave us a few bags which are now in the freezer. We're attempting not to eat them all at once.



brit said...

zomg! save me some!!! mild chicken or beef paleeeezzzzzzzz

TJayne said...

I have never tried one. Please try not to shoot me.
ps. *drool* Jacob - does that make me a pedophile? Is he old enough?

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